View Full Version : Bluetooth and fast IR wireless?

12-16-04, 06:22 AM
Is it possible to get them both working fine togeather on a desktop. New to bluetooth in all. Just i am looking to get an Logitech diNovo Media Desktop
but want to use my MX1000 with it rather then the mouse. Is it possible or will there be conflicts? I could keep the recivers around 4 feet away from each other if that helps. Any ideas?

12-16-04, 08:00 AM
my general impression of bluetooth is that it suxx.

I have a normal little BT hub that i use with my cellphone (nokia 6600) and some times it's really hard to just get it to connect, and Im not the only one who has this problem.

I was considering the diNovo before, but im not so sure now that i know how unstable BT can be, Perhaps Logitec managed to solve that, i dunno, I wont spend so much money to find out though.

12-16-04, 08:10 AM
Thats making me worry now :o

12-16-04, 10:49 AM
Found this http://news.designtechnica.com/article5828.html

Seems it has BT 1.2 which has alot of bus removed from it, like better wireless connectivity, 50% reduction in latency and uses 25% less power :cool: So i got me a diNovo Media Desktop 2.0 on it's way soon :)

12-16-04, 01:02 PM
Found a very good review on it http://www.whiningdog.net/Reviews/PCs/Accessories/KBandMouse/20040113-LogitechdiNovo/index.php Goes on about fixing the boot issues with Bluetooth unlike MS bluetooth set. And the connection of other bluetooth devices. Seems pretty good.