View Full Version : HL2 crashes when exiting...

12-17-04, 07:12 PM
Anyone else get this? Maybe result of new patch?? Or maybe my drivers.. but im sure its not the drivers.

12-17-04, 10:23 PM
I had that problem with many pre-70.xx drivers. Never had it once now after installing 70.90.

But this mainly a Source engine issue. There are other problems with nvidia cards and source games but valve has not yet found a fix for them although they are working on it since HL2 has been released.

12-18-04, 12:22 PM
My system had its first BSOD today after quitting cs:s at 1280x1024 at 4xaa/4xaf :(

12-18-04, 01:26 PM
I have, luckily/thankfully, had no BSODs with HL2. I'd bet it's a driver issue, too. Have you installed numerous versions or anything? Could some driver artifact be clogging up your registry or something?