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12-22-04, 05:36 AM

12-22-04, 06:06 AM
ARgh.. I friggin hate these "corporate" responses..
He goes to say the VP isnt at all broken, just not enabled in software..
Or rahter "As to the GeForce 6800 video processor being "broken," I wouldn't say that."

Does this mean it is partially "broken" or non functional on NV40 or not?
Why cant these people ever be totally straight up and NOT speak "corporate" speak, its like they have a lawyer or PR guy censoring the things they say, which they prolly do..

12-22-04, 07:24 AM
The problem with that attitude is that... it actually works.

Until consumers (and investors) continue to let such behaviours go unpunished, the industry folks will continue to spin the same old PR-songs. I'm the kind of man who would rather give another opportunity to a person who admits to have made errors rather than keep on pretending than nothing has happened

Maybe I'm just battling against the wind-mills.

12-22-04, 07:40 AM
yeah I think a more open way of speaking to the community and customers would prolly be a great help for the image of the company.
Admitting errors and such..
However it might not be very helpful to the value of the shares and stocks and that sort of things..
And I dont expect it to go away either really..

/Edited out my so called whine, to enhance overall esthetics of the thread.
It is, afterall Xmas..

Anyway, nice Interview, specially intrigued by the mention of HDR displays..
ran into mention of those before, sounds great if they are only 1-2 years away from the desktop market pricerange.
Kirks views on FSAA seems to differ a bit from Tim Sweeny, who has expressed some doubts on the future usefulness on atleast MSAA, while Kirk goes to say its here to stay.
On that note, I would love a MSAA that can detect and work with the transparancy egdes in alphablended textures (usually foilage, grass, branches, fences etc) aswell as polygon edges.

12-22-04, 07:51 AM
Right. I asked this in the thread that was closed. I saw this happeneing on the other one. WMV accleration in not supported on NV40 or nv45s. Get over it. Anybody else continuing with the video whinning will get reprimanded or banned. ENOUGH is ENOUGH.

this link on the thread is also about other things, particularly intersting is the last page.

12-22-04, 09:30 AM
He goes to say the VP isnt at all broken, just not enabled in software..Well, the VP is very programmable and therefore it can be expected that a hardware limitation, expected or not, can be fixed by the right programmation of its software (driver); as it has been the case for programmable electronic devices since their birth. (That's why we do get good performance improvements from matured drivers from time to time.)
specially intrigued by the mention of HDR displaysI have the same opinion as David Kirk about HDR. And btw, I want a Zeetzen5 (http://www.sunnybrooktech.com/products/index.html) for christmas... (xmastong)


Edit: "...a hardware limitation...", not "any hardware limitation", of course... How distracted of me... :rolleyes:

12-22-04, 03:02 PM
He cleverly avoided the question about the huge performance hit when using HDR on Far Cry. (mikec)

12-22-04, 03:42 PM
He cleverly avoided the question about the huge performance hit when using HDR on Far Cry. (mikec)
What could he say about it that would be of intrest?

"Oh and as you mentioned in the question, there is a performance hit associated with using a 64bit FP format then the regular 32bit int format"