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12-22-04, 10:46 PM

Just recently received my XFX6600GT AGP8X card. Installed it on my second system, an AthlonXP 3200+ on an ABIT NF7-S board running NForce 5.10 chipset drivers. I've installed the 67.03 drivers and benched the card using 3DMark2001SE, 3DMark2003, and 3DMark2005. Here are my scores:

11703 - 3DMark2001SE
7785 - 3DMark2003
2107 - 3DMark2005

Are these decent scores for this setup? Also, why are the 3DMark2001SE scores so low? My Radeon9800Pro does 17100 on the same system.

12-22-04, 10:57 PM
No u are doing soemthing wrong.

12-22-04, 11:19 PM
Format, reinstall Windows and all your drivers then try again.

12-23-04, 12:57 AM
Are you running the benchies with max performance settings in the display properties ?
Having it set to quality will drasticly reduce scores.

12-23-04, 02:01 AM
Thats a 6600GT.

The 03/05 seems right, the 01 seems rather low, but i think that about is right for the XP series, i my self with my 64 chip get 22k~

12-23-04, 02:19 AM
I get about 17K in 01 with a Athlon XP 2500+ and FX 5900. So something is definitely not right about his benches.

12-23-04, 04:03 AM
lol @ futurenark!

12-23-04, 04:12 AM
03 & 05 are almost right - certainly for that CPU - 01 is way too low?? thats gotta be looked into.

have you checked basic things like AGP aperture, Molex power cable is connected??, Chipset drivers are latest??

also use the 71.20 drivers for synthetic benchies - it rocks.

12-23-04, 04:29 AM
lol @ futurenark!

Yeah, my thoughts exactly. A classic Freudian slip. (xmasgrin)

12-23-04, 04:54 AM
If its a constant problem on the 01, then there is something wrong, but if games are fine, dont waste your time, i am sure the bug will go away once u do a format, hell i bet formating will fix the problem than you trying to look through for it, if it's a hardware issue, the problem should be there in other tests.

How about Aquamark ? Should run that.

12-23-04, 07:44 AM
I got 48112 in Futuremark.

Is it possible it's a bug in the 67.03 drivers?

12-23-04, 07:55 AM
Why don't you try another set and see for yourself?

12-23-04, 10:25 AM
I did. Using 71.40 I believe. It ended up BSOD my machine during the run of 3DMark2001SE. (Could have been driver remnants on the system from different driver rev).

I have since uninstalled and cleaned my machine using driver cleaner both my chipset and GPU drivers. I have re-installed 67.03, and I am now getting the scores mentioned above.

What got me started on all this, was the fact that when I originally installed the card 2 days ago, I removed my ATI drivers, ran driver cleaner, and then installed my new card using the 67.03 drivers. At that point I benched it using 2001SE and 2003. My 2003 scores seemed to be good (around the same as above). I was getting similar low scores in 2001SE. I did a little research and came across a few posts on this forum of people also having similar low scores in 2001SE. Their scores got better by using later drivers.

What I would like to know from everyone here in this forum using this card is:
- Do other people who are using 67.03 also suffer the same low scores in 2001SE.

I'm off for two weeks as of tonight. I'm going to pull my existing drive and re-install the system on a separate drive to see if I get the same type of behaviour on a fresh install, again using 67.03.

12-23-04, 11:41 AM
are you suppose to be running 3dmark with AA and AF on?

i got
2147 in 3dmark05 with 2x AA and 4x AF
2647 in 3dmark05 with no AA and no AF (default settings)

going to try 03 now...

12-23-04, 11:58 AM
i only got 6700, hrm :( i'm using 66.93 though, could that be the problem?

12-23-04, 02:15 PM
Well,I have a 6600GT PCIex and P4 3.0GHz,512 ddr400 ram.The scores are:

3dmark03= 8160
3dmark05= 3145

I'm using the Extreme G 67.02 driver.

12-23-04, 03:04 PM
i only got 6700, hrm :( i'm using 66.93 though, could that be the problem?

These are 3Dmark 2003 right?

12-23-04, 08:10 PM
ya 2003.

12-23-04, 10:22 PM
Thanks everyone for all the responses.

Have any of you tried running 3DMark2001SE? My 2003 and 2005 scores seem fine. It's the 2001SE scores that worry me. My old TI4200 64Meg card could do 12000 on this same system over a year ago.

I'm going to retry other drivers this evening, before deciding to nuke my Windows installation.

12-23-04, 10:29 PM
Try benching Doom III, Half Life2 etc. They are what you should be really worried about.

12-23-04, 11:16 PM
Just tried it using 70.41.

3DMark2001SE scored 15738
3DMark2003 scored 7450
3Dmark2005 scored 2612

Also noticed that the GPU temps are 6C lower at idle and full load.

12-24-04, 12:03 AM
OK. Just finished a run using 71.20:

Here are the results:

3DMark2001SE scored 14576
3DMark2003 scored 6729
3Dmark2005 scored 2204

Temps are back to where they were with 67.03.

12-24-04, 12:48 AM
Dont know man, i think your worrying about nothing, your aqua sounds about right.

12-24-04, 01:08 AM
Just tried it using 70.41.

3DMark2001SE scored 15738
3DMark2003 scored 7450
3Dmark2005 scored 2612

Also noticed that the GPU temps are 6C lower at idle and full load.

3DMark2001SE is more dependent on CPU.

I know this because my 3Dmark2005 score sucks (about 1,000 points lower). But my 3DMark2001SE score is actually 1,000 points higher than yours. With FX 5900 non-ultra

12-25-04, 04:54 AM
Best suggestion was a format, and fresh load of all the drivers.
Load order:
Ethernet Driver (for net access)
Windows updates. *SP-2 = bad thing*
Chipset Driver
Video driver
THEN anything else.

(man, I'm glad I got away from these kinda probs with the old E-VGA 6800GT i used to have. thing burned up on me. :( )