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12-23-04, 12:42 AM
Im starting to like Valve again how about you guys (snowlol)



12-23-04, 12:49 AM
Hmm instead of worrying about people playing pirated HalfLife or CSS they better work on implementing some kind of anticheat program for CSS :bleh:

12-23-04, 01:00 AM
^ Yes they do need to work on the cheating issues which I havenít experienced any of them when playing CSS. But they are banning kids that do use them, I "think" itís a little harsh they need to warn them and give them punishments like closing there account for a week and if they still didnít stop Ban them. But thats my idea and dont care if they get banned.

12-23-04, 01:24 AM
I think they should work on fixing that retarded Steam program.

12-23-04, 01:45 AM
I've never had any problems with Steam. The only problem i'm having at the moment in CSS is lagged down more than normal, grens kill me no matter what health i'm on, my guns have practically no aim whatsoever (Just cannot connect with the hitboxes, but when i spray around the chest area, i usually end up with a headshot) and my armour doesn't decrease when i get shot. Almost as if it doesn't do anything. And the stats servers have frozen.

12-23-04, 02:35 AM
Or better yet they can spend this time fixing all of the damn bugs in half life 2.

Honestly I don't know what significance these numbers are. Somebody can easily setup a steam account in a few seconds. If one gets banned it shouldn't take any effort at all to start fresh with a new one.

Just another issue that popped up today, I can use 4x fsaa in any resolution I want except for 1280x1024. I can even pick resolutions higher than that with 4xfsaa, but just not that one. Why not? Dunno, half life 2 just decides that when I pick 1280x1024, it wants to crash. I can select that mode without 4xfsaa though. Funnily enough, doom 3 works perfectly in 1280x1024 with 4xfsaa (it doesn't even suffer audio stuttering and the frame rate is very high as well.)

12-23-04, 07:17 PM
Does banning Steam accounts really make much of a difference anyway when there's a version of HL2 out there that can be played without using Steam or accessing the internet? I still don't see how this really helps them, the people who's accounts have been banned can easilly just make a new one and continue pirating the online games if the cracks and such they use still work (which they probably do). Meh, whatever, at least they disabled CD checking for the retail accounts, so I have no complaints.

12-23-04, 07:41 PM
It gives me precious entertainment on the steam forums :D

12-23-04, 08:36 PM
Well so far i only noticed one type of cheat , SpeedHack two persons used it and they even admited that they do use it and they got Pirated CSS , they run realy fast in 4 seconds could get from CT start to Ts on De_dust :D , good thing mod was on and banned him .....

12-23-04, 09:27 PM
Whats the point of banning if they allow the recreation of new accounts. This banning changes nothing.

12-23-04, 10:29 PM
I thought you had to have a CD key for a steam account in order to play, so if you don't have a CD key you're SOL. And if they ban your account, that means your CD key is banned too, doesn't it?

12-23-04, 11:53 PM
My hunch is that these banning announcements from Valve are BS and it's just propaganda to justify their use of Steam.

Steam does absolutely nothing to stop true piracy, which are the ones who crack, copy and distribute a full working game without the need for any authentication or Steam account.

12-24-04, 12:02 AM
dont know about this 2nd set of bannings, but i know the first one was real

12-24-04, 12:29 AM
What about if you were banned by mistake?

Better yet, what if you DID get tempted and download a leak/pirate of HL2, or cheated in CSS, then spent $100+ on steam games. Should you lose that $100 you spent? Should your HL2 single player be disabled because you cheated online in CSS? How about if you bought the retail game? Should they be able to disable the cdkey for that game?

Before you say, "well if its a mistake, I can contact valve and remedy the problem," check this out:
But I stumbled upon this today:


"Valve Software
PO Box 1688
Bellevue, WA 98009

Customer Experience

Based on BBB files, this company has an unsatisfactory record with the Bureau due to unanswered complaints. The company has resolved one complaint presented by the Bureau, however, the Bureau did not receive a response to other complaints. Additionally, one complaint remains unresolved.

Complaints concern consumers purchasing software and being unable to play the game."

Apparently Valve is not providing adequate resolution to these problems, meaning if you get disabled you basically lose your money and they probably won't help you get it back. Putting aside all the other disadvantages and advantages of steam, isn't this one fact, the idea that Valve can simply turn off a game you spent $50+ for (possibly over $100 depending how much Valve stuff you have) and have the physical media for because of actions you took in the past (or even by error) a bit scary? Rather big-brotherish, and worse yet Valve apparently does not care when a customer essentially loses money because of this.

Vagrant Zero
12-24-04, 12:49 AM
We've got something called a justice system here in the gold ol U.S. of A. It isn't always accurate, innocent people do get imprisoned...sometimes even put to death [I'm still for it though], but it's simply a nessesary evil. Ya maybe 100 of 30,000 were regular joes who got banned with the asshats...but what can I say...welcome to the world, don't let the doornob rape you on the way out.

In short, we get it Ruined...you hate Valve. I hate them too but keep it in the pants man.

Im starting to like Valve again how about you guys

It's not christmas YET.

12-24-04, 01:04 AM
Ruined, I think that "Complaints concern consumers purchasing software and being unable to play the game." thing means that they buy the software, and Steam (for one reason or another) doesnt work on their machine from the start.

As far as I know, when they ban someones steam account, its simply gone. You still own the CDs\CD-Keys to install, unlock and play the games.

I have seen plenty of games\programs that completely do not work on a certain computer for whatever reason. Steam probably has more problems like this than most games, but considering the complexity of the program(since it isnt JUST a stand alone game), its bound to happen more often.

Im not excusing them of all the problems... but a complaint with the BBB just means the people who had problems (many of which probably didnt even attempt to trouble shoot or fix it... thats just how most people are) decided to make a big deal out of it. Sure Id be upset too if Steam couldnt figure out a way to contact the main server from my machine... what is Valve going to do? They are probably up to their necks in emails from people complaining while they try to get it all worked out. I dont blame them for shutting up and not trying to make excuses to people that dont care anyway as long as Valve loses out (since thats the mentality now adays... people dont really care what the problem is. if they lose out, someone else needs to lose out too).

Eh.. enough defending them. Id be pissed too if I was in that position... but I think its a bit rediculous how people are making them out to be evil. They make games and they are damned good at it. Im sure they have been working their asses off since the game was released to fix the problems. If you feel the need to make a statement or sue them or something, go find something else to do and return the game. No one cares.

12-24-04, 02:20 AM
After seeing the replys and peoples reactions to it I kinda understand why people are upset with this. I would be way beyond p****ed if my account was shut down for some reasion since they have the power too, and you lose HL2, you have the cds like you said and now you cant even play the game hell they dident even give me a CD case for the HL2 CDs so there in my box since now I dont need to have the CD to play it.

Anyway Tomorrows Christmas Eve...... (snowcool)

12-24-04, 10:35 AM
To get your account banned you HAD to have used a illegal cd key, I seriously doubt there is any innocent person who has been banned. So what if they were only "testing" they key, the fact is they used a illegal key and got caught. If you cheat or steal then you lose any legitimate content that you have purchased for use with Steam. I think this is fair and it will teach people not to be morons.

12-24-04, 11:09 AM
Ruined, I think that "Complaints concern consumers purchasing software and being unable to play the game." thing means that they buy the software, and Steam (for one reason or another) doesnt work on their machine from the start.

What's most troubling about the BBB report is that it appears Valve is ignoring customer complaints.

12-24-04, 09:45 PM
My question is: why were people even using illegal keys when the pirated version of the game doesn't require a key at all? Unless it was for HL2DM/CS:S, but doesn't the crack for those bypass the cd-key thing anyway? At least I didn't think it would be possible to "share" a key since once it's connected to an account, it can't be re-registered.

12-24-04, 10:04 PM
One of the ways to get HL2 was to put in a fake CD key, then when it got to 3 bars of updating, unplug your modem. When you plug back in later, HL2 is under the "MY GAMES" category, and will update/install HL2 on your system. Do a few nifty unzippings, and Steam has just given you HL2 for free

THIS DOES NO WORK ANYMORE, so I am not posting warez

These are the accounts Valve is banning. And yes, they are banning. I have multiple friends who have got their accounts banned (I was tempted to become one of them, but I recenetly saw HL2 in my mom Christmas shopping list (xmasgrin))

What's the problem with these accounts bannings?

Anyone smart enough to use that procedure, was also smart enough to create a brand new Steam account to use it on. Steam accounts = free. Even once the account is banned they still have the game too. What happens if they didn't create a new one? They are stuck paying 10 bucks for a new CS 1.6 key, since that is almost the only game besides HL2 that people purchase from Steam. But who needs to pay when you just got CSS for free that will play online with other people. And the accounts using warez CSS are NOT getting banned. Even if they were, people just create a new one. Bam, back in business

Banning accounts (snowlol) All it is, is trying to "show people who's boss" and scare away the 10 or 20 people who don't know about Steam accounts, from pirating the game. It's propaganda, plain and simple

Now if you'll excuse me, I get to open up 1 gift early, and I think we'll all know what I'll be opening



12-24-04, 11:04 PM
Now if you'll excuse me, I get to open up 1 gift early, and I think we'll all know what I'll be opening
It's Jessica Simpson Re-Joyce: The Christmas Album isn't it?

12-24-04, 11:13 PM
It's Jessica Simpson Re-Joyce: The Christmas Album isn't it?

I wish... I think that one comes in the stocking....


12-24-04, 11:38 PM
It's Jessica Simpson Re-Joyce: The Christmas Album isn't it?

the fact you even know the title of the cd is mind-numbing...


wrt topic @ hand...

if you dont' have a legit copy and are complaining... tough luck...

if you are a legit user and have been banned... thats a whole other cuppa tea...

currently it seems most people are using a legit version and have no problems...

12-25-04, 12:33 AM
the fact you even know the title of the cd is mind-numbing...
amazon, yo.