View Full Version : 6600GT AGP tearing/corruption?

12-23-04, 01:19 PM
Hmm, still having these occasional issues even after moving from latest official (66.93 or something at the time) to latest beta to XG 67.03 drivers.

Hard to describe since they don't show up in screenshots, and screencaps come out perfect from the framebuffer.

What happens is parts of the 3D are cut off, flashing, flickering, ragged, sheared manner, and expose what's behind it.

It's happened in Half-Life 2 briefly where sections of the screen, walls, npc models/textures were all transparent/flickering. Also happened on the World of Warcraft EULA screen at the top bit of the square.

Anyone else get this?

have MSI card, VIA K8T800 chipset A64 mobo.

12-23-04, 02:06 PM
I think it happened once in Far Cry,Volcano level.Some of the burnt trees were appearing and disappearing,but I haven't noticed anything in HL2.I have 6600GT PCIex.