View Full Version : Audio from TV to Soundcard?

11-20-02, 10:51 PM
I am looking to send audio from my TV directly to my soundcard to broadcast over the internet. I know there is a cord or something I need to do it. I have a SB Audigy..so what is the best way to go about doing this?


11-20-02, 11:49 PM
Errr....you talking about doing this live?? That'd be impossible with an Audigy as you'd have to have some kind of active compression. Wouldn't that be illegal anyway since you are broadcasting something from television to the net without permission from the network?

11-21-02, 02:54 PM
No, theres some type of wire I can use but i just don't know the name of it. I called comp usa and they said they had it anyways.......

11-21-02, 03:12 PM
out of curiousity..let me know how smooth this works...

11-21-02, 03:42 PM
Well an easy way would be to use a TV Tuner card, because those extract the sound for you then run it into your "Line-In" on the Audigy. Im not sure how else you would get the audio from a cable wire since most tv's dont have a Audio-Out.

Then like Budd_wm said you would need some sort of active compression software.