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12-26-04, 09:28 AM
Hi everyone, my first post (xmasmile)

I just found out that there are BIOS updates in the internet for my Graphics Card.

I got a MSI NX6800GT (with new copper cooler) and saw that my BIOS version is

I found a BIOS at http://www.mvktech.net for my Graphics Card and its called Revision 02 with the BIOS version

Here the link:

Is it worth downloading and is it wise to apply a newer Bios on a graphics card? I even dont know if its original from MSI or could damage my Card...

Im greatful for every helpful answer (cheers)

12-26-04, 11:17 AM

12-26-04, 12:37 PM
not worth messing with dood!

12-26-04, 03:15 PM
okay i wont update my graphics bios. thx for the answer mate! (xmasgrin)

12-26-04, 03:33 PM
Unless you have weird problems, don't flash your card.

12-26-04, 03:40 PM
I recommend you to download MSI Live Update ( and it will detect your card BIOS and check the MSI site for latest BIOS, if here new BIOS updata available and you can either backup the BIOS and flash new BIOS from Live Update safe. :)