View Full Version : Anyone still having problems with low 6800 demos?

12-26-04, 04:53 PM
A friend of mine is still complaining that the Timbury demo runs like a slideshow on his system. he has an Athlon 3200+ and a PNY 6800 with Forceware 66.93 drivers. The other 6800 demos work great except the aforementioned Timbury and Gas Station which ran better on his 5900. I think it's the lower memory of the 6800 that's the problem. It could also be a driver problem. He's tried other drivers to no avail. There's nothing else I can think of. His games run well, so I told him not to worry so much about the demos.

12-26-04, 04:54 PM
the gas demo also runs a little low for me.

12-26-04, 05:02 PM
Increase the AGP aperture to 256.

12-26-04, 05:26 PM
No way to increase the AGP aperture in the BIOS

12-26-04, 08:53 PM
The HDR is pretty demanding on the Timsbury demo, so it doesn't really run fast on anything.

Are the AA/AF, Vsync options off?

12-26-04, 11:56 PM
No way to increase the AGP aperture in the BIOS

That really sucks, if you can find a way to increase it to 256MB, it'll solve the slow Demo problem. I had the same problem, I was running the Nvidia demos Timbury and Nalu at less then 1 FPS and after changing my AGP Apature size from 128 to 256MB, they now run at beautiful speeds (at least 20-30fps)

I'd try updating the mobo bios to see if the option shows up and if that still doesn't help (or it's already up to date) try posting your Mobo make, bios version and see if someone from the board can figure out how to increase it.

I'm pretty sure 256MB AGP apature is the answer to your problem.

12-27-04, 01:32 PM
That change from 128MB to 256MB solved the problem. His demos work great. Thanks for the advice. I finally figured out how to change the AGP aperture. He was a little squeamish about me going into his BIOS.