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11-21-02, 06:26 AM
I might be getting a Seagate Cheetah 15.3K drive for my upcoming system. The one I'm getting on average, without cooling, runs around 25.1 degrees Celcius (getting that result from here (http://www.storagereview.com/articles/200209/20020901ST373453LW_6.html)). I was thinking of getting this (http://www.quietpcusa.com/acb/showdetl.cfm?&DID=8&Product_ID=1&CATID=1) to reduce the noise of the drive. My concern with this is keeping the drive cool though. If I was to use this for the SCSI, would watercooling the enclosure itself make it a more effective heatsink for the HD, or would this make any difference at all?

11-21-02, 10:56 AM
Taken from the link you provided...

"Because the heat generated by a drive is related to the spindle speed, most drives with a spindle speed of 7,200 rpm (revolutions per minute) or less are compatible. Generally speaking, if your drive runs at 10,000 or 15,000 rpm then unfortunately it will run too hot to be enclosed."

So IMO, i wouldn't take the risk with a HD as expensive as that.

11-21-02, 03:28 PM
Well that's why I said I'd try to watercool the enclosure. If I were to somehow watercool the enclosure would it affect the HDs temp inside of the enclosure and keep it cool enough? The 15.3K doesn't get as hot as most 15k rated HDs get either, and at 25.1 degrees Celcius with no cooling, that's actually cooler than some 7200rpm drives.

11-21-02, 03:46 PM
It would be impossible to tell until you see this enclosure device for youself and how much direct contact it makes with the HD. Watecooling the enclosure probably wouldn't do anything if it doesn't make any direct contact with the HD. Okay it would probably do something, and from what your saying this 15.3k HD is on the colder side so i would guess you would be okay. Cant say for sure though...

11-21-02, 05:13 PM
Perhaps I could cool the HD and try fit it with the cooler inside the enclosure. Not sure if it would fit. But I'm talking about cooling the enclosure. Does anyone have an answer to this?? Is there any other way I could dampen the noise of an SCSI drive and keep it cool at the same time?