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12-28-04, 05:40 PM
Hi, got the rounter (Netgear RP614v3) to access the interent on 2 PC's real easy and quickly but now I want to be able to send files from one PC to another. I have set up each PC in netwrok connections as follows in Windows XP SP2:

Control Panel->Network connections->Setup home or small office network->next->next-> This computer connects to internet.... thru a residential gateway->

Gave computer a unique name - > "Pheonix" other PC is "Nemesis"

Gave default workgroup name for both PC's "MSHOME"


Now I can't seem to view or locate one computer form another. If I create a folder called "Share" and right click on it and select "sharing and security" then "share this folder on network" then on the other PC type "\\Pheonix\share" it can't find it.

Also if I go into file explorer under: Entire Network->Microsoft Windows Network->Mshome

It stalls out and doesn't show either PC. I've set up LANs before like this with no issues it feels like the router is stopping the PC to PC connection....

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



12-29-04, 04:26 PM

12-29-04, 04:29 PM
Create a network setup floppy disk from one of the computers (Windows XP only) and use it on the other computer. You can do this from the network setup wizard I think.

Im not sure if this will help, im not a big networking person... but that has fixed similar problems for me, especially with trying to network a Win XP computer with a Win 9x computer.

Good luck :)

12-29-04, 05:35 PM
Have you tried right clicking the computer node and connecting manually? Right click -> Connect -> Administrator / whatever

BTW: Take it back and get a Linksys or D-Link. Otherwise, you may find yourself resorting to us for free technical support as Netgear is pretty much useless.