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12-28-04, 08:36 PM
After seeing max request queue depth in the AGP settings of my 6800 GT, I became curious as to what it actually means. With the 67.03 drivers, they were listed at 256, 32, 32, 256 and now with the 71.20 drivers as 1's across the board. No change in performance has been noted, so the settings they represent are apparantly broken, but does anyone know exactly what this is supposed to represent?
It seems simple enough, this being the number of hardware calls to the video card allowed to queue, but I'm not a software guy and was wondering if anyone has a more thorough or correct explanation, I'd be grateful.

Oh, I've done a forum search and noticed many others asking the same question, without any answers, so if this has been touched upon before and I missed the specific post, then I put myself at the mercy of Saturnotaku and any verbal reaming I expect to receive :nono:


12-28-04, 08:40 PM
At least you have the stones to admit that you've done a search, which is more than I can say for most n00bs on this forum.

That said, I have the 71.20 drivers and it shows the same thing in my control panel. I've noticed no performance problems or visual quality issues so I couldn't give two ***** of a rat's arse less about it.