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11-21-02, 10:25 AM
hello again guys....i'm just curious if this Lite -on woth to buy or not.it's like a simple vote here....anyone?:D

11-21-02, 10:30 AM
Well, it would help if you told us exactly what Lite-On product you were thinking about buying.

Most people here and at other forums can attest, though, Liteys are solid products that perform well and are of Plextor-esque quality, all while having a bargain price.

I have a 48x12x48 Lite-On burner and it's awesome. If you're getting this model, get the 48126S instead of the 48125W. The former model has a newer chipset that will probably be supported longer than the latter.

11-21-02, 11:46 AM

11-21-02, 01:51 PM
In my opinion...any Lite-On is worth buying.....

Great performance, cheap price, and the ability to be overclocked!


11-21-02, 02:30 PM
lite-on ownz

11-25-02, 04:12 PM
well, i just got a lite on 48 12 48 the same as saturnotaku did. i got it at newegg for 57$. works great so far.

hey pelly, how do you overclock

The Baron
11-25-02, 04:23 PM
Lite-On is the greatest company.

Ever. :p

11-25-02, 04:27 PM
"Overclocking" a burner means updating your present drive's firmware with one from a newer, faster model.

There are instructions on what software you need and how to proceed at the CD Freaks forum (http://club.cdfreaks.com). Just be very careful because if you mess something up and don't have your drive's original firmware backed up you'll kill it and be left with a useless piece of hardware.

Now, whether OC'ing an already high-speed burner is effective is anybody's guess. My 48126 is plenty fast as it is. But as soon as 24x CD-RW media becomes available I'll probably flash my drive to the 48246 firmware to see if it works.

11-25-02, 06:34 PM
they're been some benchmarks on an overclocked 40x liteon burner to 48x. it turns out, its faster than 40x but still slower than 48x.

11-25-02, 08:37 PM
I love my lite-on. Although it's badge a cenydine, it's actually a lite-on burner. A lot of companies simply re-badge lite-on drives rather then produce their own.

And my 12x drive actually burns some discs faster then my friends 16x. It has something to do with his brand drive just not liking some cdrs, where mine seems to work with everything even really cheap cds that his randomly coasters.

11-27-02, 05:21 PM
I love my 16/10/40 Lite-on burner. So much that I ordered my parents a nice 48X burner for their new system :D

Now to figure out how to swap them without my parents noticing... ;)

12-01-02, 05:05 PM
Have a lite-on 16x :o , over a year old and still working perfectly

12-01-02, 07:01 PM
2 year old plex 12x, still works like a charm plex is a bit more spendy tho