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12-29-04, 01:28 AM
Hi All,

I've been looking for a 6800 NU card to buy, and I've been having a tough time deciding which to get.

It's mainly been between Leadtek, eVGA, and BFG.

I've very sensitive when it comes to noise, so I'm wondering which one of these is going to be the quietest out of the box.

I only want to resort to a NV5 as a last option after hearing about it's less than great production quality / difficulties installing / voiding of warranties.

I'd love to get some reccomendations.
And and dB ratings/comparisons would be awesome.


12-29-04, 02:47 AM
i have a leadtek 6800nu. i got it because it was supposed
to be the least noisy one. (i havent heard any of the others in your list) that being said here is some comparible notes :
1 - the leadtek has two modes ; the fan spins full speed outside of windows and in windows without nv-drivers on. with the drivers on it slows down considerably and doesnt spin back up.
2 - its louder than my old 9500pro (stock 97/pro HSF)
3 - its louder than a zalman7000 CPU HSF @ ~1666rpms (slient is 1300)

if you want 'silent' its no way near it.
it probably is less noisy than other 6800's, i would hate to hear them ;)
i am serioulsy considering the new zalman http://www.zalmanusa.com/usa/product/view.asp?idx=149&code=013
that nv5 silencer fan spins 2500rpm's so i am wary of it :|

12-29-04, 11:39 AM
I have the BFG 6800 OC. The stock fans were fairly quiet when they are in silent mode. I have an open air setup for my system, so noise is a pretty big factor to me. While I was playing any games or even just surfing, the slight sound from the fans were fine. I did find the LEDs to be way too bright though. I ended up throwing an NV5 on it and it rocks. It's quieter when running at full speed than the BFG fans were at slow speeds.

12-29-04, 12:05 PM
gigabyte has a fanless 6800 solution !

12-29-04, 04:47 PM
Yeppers - I've got the fanless card, and it's great. I should note I recently re-tested it on a VERY hot humid day in a poorly ventilated room, and managed to get it to 72 degrees with fullscreened RTHDRIBL, but on a normal day even with RTHDRIBL it doesn't go above 66. Gaming typically doesn't send it above 62. It idles between 50 and 57 depending on the room/air temp.

12-29-04, 08:47 PM
I ended up throwing an NV5 on it and it rocks. It's quieter when running at full speed than the BFG fans were at slow speeds.

is the nv5 fan fullspeed all the time? (2500)