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12-29-04, 02:24 AM
Hey all, I'm considering ordering an NV5 Silencer and I'm just wondering if anyone has a strong opinion about the product. As you can see from my sig, I have a 6800NU and I overclock it to 360-375MHz. Because of where I place my computer on my desk, the area tends to trap the heat, I'm noticing that my GPU can get a little hot, Ideling around 52C and with 3DMark running, it can reach 80C. SO! I'm considering the NV5 Silencer and would like to know your opinion.

1st, Will it make that much of a difference temp wise over the stock cooler?

2nd, Will it void the warranty of the card? (Not that overclocking and flashing the bios hasen't done that alreaey.... but will it?)

3rd, Is it easy to install?

4th, If say...I happen to upgrade to a GT or Ultra in the future, can I put the old HSF back on the card.... i.e Is it perminant? I'm thinking it's removable, but I'll ask anyway.

Thanks for any input. And please don't send me links to other threads, I've read them already. I'm hoping to start a discussion about the card in this thread so I can ask more questions. COOL? cool.

12-29-04, 06:45 AM
hy i got the nv5+as5 in the core + silicon on the rams mi card is a 6800GT,and the temps going down from 66Cidle-88-90Cfull to 49C idle-68C full my ambient temps are 36C,but i dont know if this nv5 works on 6800NU,and yes void the warranty if you dont mount again.

Sorry for my english, (xmasgrin) (xmassign2

12-29-04, 09:11 AM
1. Yes it should be big difference.
2. Yes warranty will be void.
3 Just follow the manual and take it easy and you should be fine. And remember not to tighten the screws too hard if you get on or you can break them.
4 Yes you can remove it as you wish.

12-29-04, 06:06 PM
I would recommend first trying to improve your case ventilation.
Making sure you have cool air flowing in and good exhaust fans to venilate the case heat.
Then, if you still have heat issues with your 6800, an NV5 would be my next step.
Just food for thought, good luck..........

12-29-04, 06:19 PM
Regarding question/point #3:
Be prepared for having to try several NV5 specimens - Arctic Cooling doesn't believe in quality control (consecutively, there is none) and the heatsink base plate is an untreated cast copper part.

I've personally mounted about 30 NV5s and found about 30% of those almost unusable (mostly due to a warped base plate, also occasionally cast errors). Furthermore, the base's surface is left untreated as it comes from the mold which means that using a (silver-based) highly thermal conductive compound (e.g. Arctic Silver or similar) is mandatory to compensate for the rough surface.

The thermal compound delivered with the cooler is *not* silver based.

BTW: Would somebody know of a manufacturer who offers the NV5 design (which actually is very good) in a more professional build?

12-29-04, 06:23 PM
I would love to see an NV 5 based cooler with All Cupper Heat sink and better finishing, also some leds in the fan would make it much apealing.