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12-29-04, 03:53 AM
My friend has been meddling with his bios :( which is partially my fault because I showed him what it was and what could be done in it.
Anyway, he was playing around with the overclock feature on his motherboard and saved the setting, went and played some call of duty and his screen started playing up. He pressed the reset button and recieved a firm electric shock, after which the computer had shut itself down.
It now will not turn on:( (meaning no fan or harddrive spinnup or visual display or anything! just no power!)

I came over to his place and helped test some stuff. Here is what we did:
-We swapped the PSU with a similar one that was certainly working.
-Took graphics card out and hit switch
-Took ram out and tried each seperately
-Checked jumpers and other cables
-Booted with the bare essentials unsuccessfully
-Checked cpu for fried eggs, although power should still turn on even when it dies....
-Tried the PSU from his computer in his dad's computer and it worked, so the psu is fine.

Here is my friend's system:
-P4P800S Asus motherboard (non-deluxe edition)
-1GB ddr400 (2x512mb)
-2.8Ghz pentium 4 prescott
-400W Omni PSU
-120GB samsung HDD 7200rpm

What we did notice:
-The motherboard light does turn on when power is running to it, suggesting that the PSU is fine
-like most computers, if you take away the power, the fan's will jerk for a second (even if it was already off)

If anyone can help in anyway, it would be appreciated... I feel a little guilty for showing him something he shouldn't worry about.

12-29-04, 04:24 AM
does you have a good earth connection or ground connectioen , dont know the exact word in english ?