View Full Version : WTB: Babylon5 Season1,2,3,4 DVDs

12-30-04, 08:14 AM
IF you have them and they are in GOOD and UNSCRATCHED condition! Let me know and I will make you an offer.

NO COUNTERFIET STUFF - like the ones they try to pass as "ASIAN COLLECTORS EDITION" on e-bay

12-30-04, 08:16 AM
Sorry...I don't have any, but I have a question about the Asian Collector's Edition...are those things legit? Are they real DVDs or are they just burned or something? I was going to get the whole X-files series for like $150 shipped on eBay, but my friend Pete told me he ordered a season in the Asian Collector's Edition and they were all burned discs.

12-30-04, 08:18 AM
They are counterfiet bro. Season 5 DVDs has just recently been released and they had season5 there yonks ago. U do the maths ;) See burned disc!!!

12-30-04, 11:49 AM
Yeah my bud just bought the whole Xfiles thingy on DVDs. He said other then the extra documentation and stuff, everything looked great. It really comes down to the quality of the video and he's happy with it. Of course the problem with the Asian ones is that you can't be sure of quality.