View Full Version : Non SLI Nforce4 board should be coming in early January!

12-30-04, 09:14 AM
Just got an E mail from Monarchcomputer and they said the Asus Non SLI Nforce4 board should be coming in early January.

12-30-04, 09:29 AM
yea!!!! /me does happy dance

12-30-04, 09:34 AM
Wish they were making an AGP version :rolleyes:

12-30-04, 11:14 AM
Great (xmasgrin) I'm waiting for the MSI one. I will be upgrading my system to the following:

MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum
AXP 64 3000+
WD Sata HD of some type.

I'm on budget but think I'll have enough to do this basic PCI-E starter system. I can wait till feb or march if prices are too high. These are only things I want to upgrade in my system, although I may need a new power supply but not sure. I already have 1 gig of Corsair XMS PC3200 so I dont need memory. Have great windowed case with 5 case fans so thats AOK too (xmasgrin) In any event, am looking forward to jumping on the Athlon 64 bandwagon (snowman)

01-01-05, 08:22 AM
We got a few Gigabyte GA-K8NF-9 at work but we sold them all already. I got one and its nice but it is temporary until we get the SLI boards in.