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12-30-04, 05:31 PM
Hello, I just recently bought a BFG 6800GT and I have a slight problem. When running HL2, My fps fluctuates. It just randomly drops to 0 and back up to its normal state after a few seconds. Like lag or a small freeze. Im running everything at High, with 4xAA and 8xAF and im using these "Vstudios Extreme G Quality 67.02" drivers a friend recommended. I don't know whether my computer is bottlenecking my video card or the problem are my drivers. Also this sometimes happens in Far Cry. Also, before install the card i did a reformat just to make sure all previous drivers we're removed. Please help me out guys or suggest some nice drivers to go with my card.

My specs are:

-Intel P4 3.2Ghz
-2x256mb Corsair PC3500 ddr ram
-Abit IS7
-BFG 6800GT 256mb

Thanks :)

12-30-04, 08:24 PM
That's actually a pretty common prob with the 6800 line... Far Cry with patch 1.3 and HL2 both have documented stuttering issues with 6800s. Not much you can do except for trying different drivers and hoping for a dev fix down the line. I get pretty bad stuttering in the later lvls of HL2 with my GTO as well... not so much in Far Cry though.

12-30-04, 08:52 PM
It's really bad for me in Far Cry compared to HL2. Like for example. In the beginning of Far Cry. When you pick up the Falcon(pistol) and shoot the explosive barrels, the game would freeze for about 2 seconds, and you'll see the barrel explode. I don't know if you consider that stuttering but it feels like lag. Also when i'm running walking down a path, and just randomly look to my right, it'll do the samething. My FPS would dip to 0-10 and 2 seconds later go back to normal. Really annoying :\

Btw what kind of frames do you guys get when you're outside in the jungle in Far Cry. Please post settings. Mine seem too low :o

Edit: I know the topic says HL2 Problem, but I meant to put far cry too

12-30-04, 10:41 PM
Ya, a lot of people got bad stuttering in the first far cry level with the newest patch (myself included). You can always try running 1.1 but in my experience the stuttering seemed to go away after the first level or so and 1.3 uses the faster SM3.0 path on nV cards so in the end I think it's worth the initial probs.

I don't have my 8400 hooked up ATM, but if I remember correctly my fps fluctuated usually from the low 20s-50s outdoors and usually shot up into the 70s indoors at 1280x1024 with 4xAA/8xAF. So don't worry if you see fps dips here and there, Far Cry's engine is pretty tough on this gen of hardware.

12-30-04, 11:12 PM
Ah thanks for the input :) You're right, as I go on with the game, the "stuttering/LAG" seems to go away. But I just hope Nvidia releases some sort of fix for this problem.

Btw, would you recommend any good drivers, or should I stick to the one's i'm currently using. I haven't had an Nvidia card for about 3 years.

Thanks again :)

12-30-04, 11:52 PM
Wow, I just popped in CS:S and the game stutters really bad. Not as bad a Far Cry but wow! Atleast it doesn't lag as Far Cry :P

12-31-04, 12:06 AM
No probs here. However, I didn't install any patch to Far Cry. Patches 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 are all craps...

12-31-04, 01:06 AM
I never had any stuttering issues with FarCry with any patch on BFG 6800 ultra

12-31-04, 08:00 AM
I never had stuttering problems in HLII at least i dont think so
regardless uninstall it at once
Farcry patch 1.3 is horrible if you ask me.

12-31-04, 10:47 AM
For Far Cry, it's not so much stuttering. Its like LAG. I can't really explain it. Maybe I can make a small video of the problem. As for HL2 there is both stuttering and LAG.

12-31-04, 11:04 AM
For Far Cry, it's not so much stuttering. Its like LAG. I can't really explain it. Maybe I can make a small video of the problem. As for HL2 there is both stuttering and LAG.

Regarding HL2, I would recommend checking out Tweakguides.com and using some of his suggestions. I have HL2 running as smooth as butter after implementing some of the tweaks. (cheers)

12-31-04, 12:27 PM
Im sorry, the stuttering in HL2 should not be there (smooth for me since
the "sound stutter fix") with FW 66.93 and 71.24.

Farcry stutter is driver related though, FW 61.77 and 66.93 are stutter free
with any patch version.

I have 1024MB ram and I do not overclock anything..

This stuttering is so individual, my ideas are lots of free ram and graphic
memory, no overclocking, official drivers, disconnect some USB stuff (wheel,
joystick, gamepad..) and latest soundcard drivers..

12-31-04, 12:35 PM
I'm using the 61.77's now. I'll try the 66.93's

heres a small vid of my "LAG"


Note: sometimes this happens randomly when I shoot someone, the lag sometimes lasts longer

12-31-04, 05:55 PM
I'm using the 61.77's now. I'll try the 66.93's

heres a small vid of my "LAG"


Note: sometimes this happens randomly when I shoot someone, the lag sometimes lasts longer

How exactly do yoy get these 17 sec of decent video to 4MB ??
Iv played around with fraps and after I made a .rar it ends up at.. 137MB (xmastong)

12-31-04, 07:39 PM
It's called Vegas Video :P Anyways with that Far Cry LAG, I seem to get it a lot in HL2. My FPS just fluctuates. It dips a lot when someone pop's in my screen or when I enter a new area..etc


01-02-05, 09:23 PM
Im having similar problems in CS:S - no matter what resolution Im at I can never seem to max my fps. Even at 640x480 with everything at low the fps still dips down to 40's when it clearly shouldnt. My Computer specs are
Athlon64 3000
MSI Neo Platinum Mobo - (nforce3 250GB)

Very dissapointed in this card (BFG 6800GT OC) I paid 500$ and expected it to perform a lot better. Im hoping that my card is just defective - I will try to exchange it for another to see if there is any improvement.

It doesnt make any sense - at 640 by 480 w/ low textures etc it should run without the fps dipping to 30's - 40's.

01-02-05, 09:41 PM
jdwango something's definately wrong there. Did you have an ATI card in that machine before getting the GT? If so you might wanna try running driver cleaner and reinstalling it.

EDIT: I get great fps in CS:S (usually in the 70's and sometimes 80's). Even at their worst things almost never dip below the 50's (except when the bomb goes off), and that's at 1280x1024 4xAA/8xAF all settings at High and water set to "reflect all."

01-03-05, 06:11 AM
So what's the general consensus, which drivers are currently THE best for the afore-mentioned games? I am getting stuttering in hl2 also. Never happened on my 9800 Pro :(

01-03-05, 09:47 AM
I also have a similar problem as jdwango just mentioned, but not as bad.

01-03-05, 10:49 AM
My system can be a little jerky without a refresh rate overide program.
Nvidias own refreshrate overide has caused problems for some so I
suggest the exellent RefreshLock..


01-03-05, 03:19 PM
I use reforce for CS1.6 but I had it on when trying to play HL2 and I get this video setting error, and it makes my display mode to "Run in a Window" and I have to restart like 10000 times :\

01-03-05, 03:27 PM
Although I've never had the stuttering issue with any game, I hear another way of fixing the issue is through a BIOS flash.

When I bought my BFG 6800GT back in July 2003, I flashed my card to an Ultra BIOS with modified BIOS voltages and core/memory clockspeeds. Maybe that's why but I haven't had any stutter issues.

I guess if you're really desperate, you could try this method.

Here is a helpful thread to help you out.


01-03-05, 03:45 PM
I'm too scared to do that. BTW you think the problem can be that I have a defective video card?

01-03-05, 04:45 PM
Stuttering in HL2, which is well documented among nvidia and ATI cards, is different to pauses that occur in Far Cry when barrels explode on screen andthere is a pause for 1 second. That's just a matter of dropping some graphical setting, such as sprites/explosions.

Stuttering in HL@ is just a joke and is to do with the source engine, not drivers and certainly not specific to any manufacturer. That is very well known now.

01-03-05, 05:06 PM
My stuttering in HL2 is described as this "Sudden massive drop in frame rate when turning corners or moving into new areas of the game." But it's sad to see that I paid a $600 card and expected it to perform really well but nope. Also I just ran the VST again running everything LOW at 1152x864 and my Avg fps was 115. I also ran everything high with 2xAA/4xAF my Avg fps was 110 :rolleyes: is this normal?

EDIT: I just ran the test again at 800x600 LOW/NOAA/AF got about 95FPS avg :\

(Sorry about posting too much, I'm just really aggravated that this problem won't go away :mad: )