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12-30-04, 09:04 PM



all $188 after shipping (saver, I don't mind waiting a week). I need a new processer to keep up with my 6800..my 2500+ doesn't do the job..and I hear that a 64-bit processer is just better then a 32 (also, that 64 bit is $110, a 3000+ 32 is $150). so, is it worth it? And if I get a 754 motherboard, will I have to worry? people say it'll last me another good 2 years. I just don't want to deal with low preformance over what I really should get.

12-31-04, 07:27 AM
Well that motherboard choice is fine, but you might as well spend an extra $14 for the retail version of the Athlon64 2800

Speeze makes crappy fans in my experience, there is no benefit to you buying an OEM A64 and the Speeze HSF with it. Just go retail box, AMD did a surprisingly good job with the retail HSF.

And yes you should see a decent performance boost from your stock speed AXP-2500 to A64-2800.

01-02-05, 05:11 AM
Nice selection in CPU and motherboard, but as what Gator suggests, you should invests a little more for the Retail CPU, not only because the Retail fan packaged with it is probably better than the Speeze fan, you also get the extended 3 year manufacturere warranty with the CPU, and knowing AMD, you just might need it sometimes :)

01-04-05, 03:16 AM
www.zipzoomfly.com has free 2-day Air shipping. For a guy who lives in a rock in the middle of the pacific ocean, is this is awsome. Two day is the only shipping option availible from PC hardware sites. 2 day shipping to Oahu is damed crazy. One site estimated 40 dollars shipping on a 30 dollar item!

Plus the prices and selection on zipzoomfly kick the crap out of my local compusa.