View Full Version : Help with Asus AV8 & 3500+

12-31-04, 03:22 AM
Help, I am having trouble getting a new mobo/cpu combo to boot. I have a 3500+ A64 ADA3500DEP4AW and an Asus AV8 Deluxe Mobo. The computer says system cpu test failed during asus's POST sound feature. Could this be BIOS? Also could a weak power supply cause this? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. As far as I can tell without outside testing the cpu and motherboard are working fine.

12-31-04, 05:28 AM
I doubt its PSU, although a similar thing happened to a friend of mine and swapping out his PSU for mine worked a treat.

Are you sure everything is connected together right?? - are the screws holding the MoBo in place touching any part of the board itsself??

Is the CPU mounted right?????

12-31-04, 05:58 AM
Yeah it's all connected properly and I have a lot of experience with building computers. I think the problem might be with the BIOS or the CPU is no good. I have even tried running it outside of the case and nothing.

12-31-04, 02:28 PM
Well then I think you just answered your question.