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12-31-04, 03:49 PM
I have an XFX 6600 GT and in PainKiller and 3D Mark 05 I see a lot of weird artifacts. A lot of triangles 'spill out' of the objects being drawn, it is as if the drawing of some triangles get out of sync, the triangles drawing a lot further than they should. In 3D Mark 05, the soldiers leaving the ship look like hedgehogs with pointy triangles being drawn out of them. Other scenes look OK.

In Doom 3 and AquaMark everything looks OK. Actually in AquaMark I have seen missing textures, or rather, parts of objects are not textured (you can see through them)...

I am running Windows 2000 on a 2.4 GHz P4, ECS motherboard capable of AGP 8X. I have an Antec case with a 430W power supply. I have plugged in the power connector in the card.

I am running the latest drivers, 66.93.

I am getting an AquaMark of 41000 (gfx - 6369, cpu - 5744) and a 3D Mark 05 of 2864 (running the free versions, default settings).

After running 3D Mark 05 the core temp was up to 65 C. After AquaMark, 69 C.

I have upped the AGP aperture to 256 and turned off FastWrite. This did speed things up significantly, especially on the nVidia demos who went from ridiculously slow (1 fps) to about I would guess 15 - 20 fps.

My questions are:

1. Has anyone else seen the weird artifacts I described and if so, do you know how to get rid of them? Is the card defective or could it be something else?

2. How do my 3D Mark and AquaMark scores stack up? AquaMark - 41000 (gfx - 6369, cpu - 5744), 3DMark05 - 2864

3. On another topic - how do I check my FPS in DOOM 3? How do I run the Time Demo?

4. Are the temperatures I am seeing acceptable? I have a large case (Antec 1080) but it is completely filled up, 6 harddrives, 2 optical drives, 2 extra IDE controller PCI cards. The case has 3 fans + the power supply fan.

5. Some people have recommended upping the AGP voltage. Where do I do this? I have looked in the bios but haven't been able to find it.


01-03-05, 12:45 PM
Try the latest drivers, Forceware 67.03 (I Think these are for Win 2000/XP...check the Nvidea site). I had some artifacts, but now they're gone. Upping AGP voltage probably isn't it and will make your card run hotter. I'd bet it's a driver issue.

Could be a Win 2000 issue. I know this card isn't really supported in Win ME. Perhaps Win 2000 isn't well supported either. I also know the Drivers aren't super compatible with some of the benchmark tests. I spent hours trying to get it working in WinME with all the weird artifacts you describe and worse. Had to switch my gaming rig to XP and load the most recent drivers and bios to get it to work. (How new are your BIOS?) Now all is beautiful.

To benchmark Doom 3 yourself simply do the following while in Doom 3:
Bring up the console by hitting: "CTRL" + "ALT" + "~"
Type: timedemo demo1
Dont' bother to fiddle with the video settings as they appear fixed, except for screen size. (Could be wrong here, haven't played with it that much). I get about 50 FPS with moderate screen size (AMD Athalon 3000). Your system shoud do about the same.

Your temps appear a bit high. According to the Nvidea control panel my temps are about 57 max under load (XFX 6600GT). Most heating problems are either a loose/stuck fan on the GPU (check it) or poor case cooling. Get a good case fan that blows directly on your Video card. Make sure you have a good exhaust fan too, preferably blowing air out of the top of the case.

01-03-05, 12:48 PM
What I've found is that 6800s don't like Win2000, so I upgraded to WinXP. Falcon 4 for example would display all kinds of spikes and triangles in Win2000, but works fine in WinXP. 3D Mark would do the same thing, but after extended usage, ie after an all nighter stability test of UT2004. This happened with 2 6800 cards, a 6800GE and a 6800U. The same might be happening with you 6600.

As the previous person suggested, try the 67.03s as they fix a problem with 6600s on Sis chipsets.