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12-31-04, 08:30 PM
This is getting really, really tiresome. Surely Blizzard can do better than this. They may have created a wonderful, and balanced, and generally bug free MMORPG, But their servers are a joke. Sadly I play on a server where load is medium. Not even high, So I cant even imagine what it's like for people with High Load.


#1, Auction House, Sometimes it takes 5 to 10 minutes to recycle/refresh bids/auctions in the Auction House. You can sit there waiting for 5-10 minutes just do something as trivial as browsing items.

#2. Selling/Buying. Sometimes it will take at least 1 to 2 minutes just to sell an item I have right clicked to a merchent. Something that I should go through in roughly 20 seconds, Takes over 3-5 minutes. And for what purpose? The client is waiting for the damn server to update.

#3. Looting, This is not as much of a problem. But rarely looting a corpse will lag out for over 30 seconds. Which is absolutely obsurd.

#4. And most important. Blizzards Login server. It's a complete joke. Whoever put it together should be fired. Theres absolutely no reason for your login server to constantly load and not allow people to login for hours at a time. This is a common occurance. Half the time. I'm afraid to log out of the game because I fear I cant get back in for several hours.

The grass is always greener people. SoE may have a bug ridden piece of software with stuttering and massive memory leak that drags high end system to their knees. But hey. Their servers work.

On a related note, I am getting really fed up with the way companies like Blizzard/Sony are handling these issues. And they are really starting to dismay me. These companies claim they care about customer satisfaction. But how can they given these obsurd problems within both games? Playing a game shouldnt be a headache. And half the time. It's becoming one in both bloody games.

01-01-05, 04:02 AM
I play on a medium population server and dont have a single problem. Not one.

01-01-05, 04:16 AM
Right. I'm sure these problems are just made up in the Blizzard forums too.

01-01-05, 06:38 AM
You should see the Guild Wars server, its 1 server to house everyone and its lag free. Battle.net 2.0 :), thats why guild wars server is better since pretty much most of the key people over at blizzard left.

01-01-05, 06:44 AM
These are just from the first 3 pages of the tech support forum from last night.
















01-01-05, 06:46 AM
I played the beta and realized this is not a game i wanna pay each month, very sad this kind of problems exists.

01-01-05, 06:46 AM
This is why i didnt buy the game, there is no point paying for a service like this, and thats why i went with Guild Wars. Better staff, they listen to you, server is very stable, everyone is on 1 server, its streamed to your PC, no annoying patches like wow, great graphics, and alot of fun and its free of the monthly fee scams.

01-01-05, 09:13 AM
You should see the Guild Wars server, its 1 server to house everyone and its lag free. Battle.net 2.0 :), thats why guild wars server is better since pretty much most of the key people over at blizzard left.

Um no, Guild Wars uses Multiple servers. It just doesn't let you decide which one your on. Everytime you instance your moving to another server, In town you know when they list 50+ town instances, probably 5-10 of them are one actually a single server. No single server would be able to house thousand of players.

EQ2 uses about 2 Servers per ZONE and has an entierly seperate server just for logon (actually 5+ of them).

I wouldn't play WoW just on the aspect that they are so cheap on hardware for thier servers that they cant even provide thier own bandwidth and direct download. I mean WTF, they are using Bit Torrent to distribute thier patches... This is the first MMORPG that I have ever played (I beta'd) that did not direct download/install patches straight from a patch server.

Just stupid on blizzards part...

EDIT: STOP comparing GW to ANY MMORPG. It is NOT a MMORPG! Its nothing more then a Diablo 2 Clone... Just because it has no actual chat room or allows 16 players in a single combat area does not mean its a MMORPG or remotly like one...

01-01-05, 09:14 AM
of course it is the holiday season so mosts devs would probably be on holidays. But come back to EQ2 chris we'll have you back :D

01-01-05, 09:36 AM
I play on a high load server, and I get the AH lag pretty frequently, but it's never 5-10 minutes. Over exaggeration, I think? At most it's a minute, and if it gets anywhere near that I just wander off anyway.

I have the inability to log in sometimes, but not at all frequently. And generally it only happens for 30 mins at most. Yeah, it's been longer once or twice, but oh well :)

Blizzard's customer support has been really good, at least to me. They were doing daily maintenance for a while, and it happened to go down at 10:30pm in my prime time (South Australia), and it affected all Australians badly. So people complained and they moved it back 3 hours to 1:30am. Very reasonable, and a very good move. There's always news updated in-game (in the login screen) when there's known problems with the servers, such as inability to log in. Etc etc... They are having problems, but they are resolving them and letting people know that it's being looked into. What else is worthwhile to know?

01-01-05, 12:24 PM
Right. I'm sure these problems are just made up in the Blizzard forums too.

Well, I'm sure as heck not making this up. Not everyone has problems. I'm just lucky I suppose.

01-01-05, 03:11 PM
I have played many MMORPG games and I agree that Blizzard's login server and download method sucks. Blizzard has way too much invested into this game and I am sure there are some higher ups pushing to have these problems fixed. I expect sometime after the holidays when the majority of the team is back that these will issues will get resolved soon.

This game has a lot of potential IMHO and I feel confident most of the big technical issues will get worked out.

01-01-05, 06:22 PM
This is another great feature to a very sucky unfinished game. If you check the support forums you can see all the issues some of us are having with constant crashes and error messages. Ive had a couple email replies from Bliz tech on various issues and they all proved useless. As a matter of fact I just cancelled my account that still has 2 weeks remaining because my game wont even install from CD any more.

Its cool though theres just a short while longer till Guildwars.

01-01-05, 06:25 PM
and alot of fun and its free of the monthly fee scams.

Until you hit the 2 hour mark and realise the game is boring as hell and has no rewards whatsoever.

I think the only reason guildwars is going to be so popular is because it's free, I mean the damn thing sucks and is boring as hell but it costs nothing to play right :p

01-03-05, 08:20 AM
the problems you are seeing was in beta as well....they knew the problem was there and just hoping it went away or something...

I am very satisfied with SOE service as of late..even when the servers were down for 2 days, at least they gave us an update every hour to let us know they are still working on it...though there was not much info at least you felt they really care.

01-03-05, 09:03 AM
Plus we got a nice xp boost and free time in return due to the outage! :D

Went up 4 levels during the Xp Boost!

01-03-05, 09:46 AM
Until you hit the 2 hour mark and realise the game is boring as hell and has no rewards whatsoever.

I think the only reason guildwars is going to be so popular is because it's free, I mean the damn thing sucks and is boring as hell but it costs nothing to play right :p

I had about 5 mins taste in the e3 event (found out too late), over 40-50 hours on the first beta event, much less on the second event since it started for aust on saturday 7pm, but i managed to play 30-35 hours on that, on the next event however i managed to play alot more 50ish since it started early to help the australian users..i predict the samething for the comming event in this weekend.

Btw i am not remotely bored of this game still.

However when i played WoW, after 3-4 hours of just playing for the hell of playing thinking omg i might get another non fed ex mission...finally when i get lvl 21 and it gave me another stupid quest i just uninstalled it, that was the first 1 week event for public, next event igave another shot, game hasen't changed one bit, still lame graphics, long download, massive long install, and after getting lvl 14 and completely fed up of the same quests i just quit.

With all the realm problems this game has and the ques it has and no way to transfer characters from realm to realm makes this game completely unplayable. Just imagine you got lvl 55, and you want to play, a que pops up and says ure 1000th in que, wait 30-40 mins and ure in and to find out the stupid server just lags you out and have to wait in another bloody long que...since you cant transfer your character if you wanna play and you want the same class/race then you have to replay all those boring quests all over again.

Btw this game had the same issues back during beta and nothing has changed, other than the fact that people are paying for a service like this. I rather use the total money that is spend on WoW in a year to get some PS2 games or Xbox or just PC games or something that is actually worth paying for.


WoW = World of Walking

Most boring game, and i cant beleave gamespot gave game of the year for such a ****ty game, with poor graphics that even in high quality looks like something came out of someones hairy ***, lag issues, ques.

The only reason i think this game had people buying was because of the previous success of blizzards games and the name it self, which ironically are the same people who are making Guild Wars, whats even more sad is Jeff was actually leading WoW before he quit, he was in no mood to make a Warcraft 3 3D, which is why this game lacks that zeal, that addiction games like Diablo, Warcraft and Starcraft have..this is probably why i am soo hooked up on Guild Wars, they listen to you, they make the game in away that its fun and has some skill in it, and not grinding.

Personally i think Guild Wars having 8 skill slots was brilliant, its like CS where you pick your guns, your hand and your rifle or smg, it opens you up for strategy.

Also this game is a MMORPG weather you like it or not, it may not be a clone of other MMORPG out there, but its a subclass to it, and this is the way its meant to be.

You may think i am a fan boi or something, but i was more looking forward to WoW than GW till i played the beta event that WoW had, i was just dissapointed, your like a zombie playing a FedEx missions and who can grind the most..its just boring and really lame quests at the start. In Guild Wars from the start to the end its fun, your not doing some stupid boring Fed Ex missions from the start.

Plus there servers are far more stable.

(cheers) (xmassign2

01-03-05, 11:05 AM
The server queues haven't happened since the first few days after release. Saying you played the game until the monumental of level of 21 doesn't exactly classify you as any kind of authority on it either. I can get a character to level 14 in about 5-6 hours easily, and I'd still be in the noob areas. Level 21 is just about when some more options become available to you in the form of overseas travel, PvP, and instances. Questing is a huge part of the game, and you can pick and choose the quests you want to do. If you don't like the Fedex ones, don't do them, there's hundreds more to choose from. Most of them involve you going to a place you'd end up going to anyway. I can see by your post that you never played any instanced dungeons, which are a lot of fun. Once your professions progress to the higher levels and you're actively participating in auctions, guild events, raids, and instance dungeons, you'll find there's a lot more to do than just questing.

Your "clever" take on the acronym again reflects your lack of experience with the game. I've never had to walk for more than a couple of minutes to get to where I needed to go thanks to boats, zeppelins, or riding on a gryphon/hippogryph/wyvern/etc. Having only played the game to level 21 you didn't get a chance to see what it has to offer past that point. Obviously you don't care, but if you're wondering why people like the game so much it's because they gave it more than a few hours time and thought.

Regarding the topic, I've had troubles with the lag too, and on several different servers. The login servers failing is extremely obnoxious, as they're down for 3-4 hours at a time, and always right after I get home from work. The servers usually roll back after this too so you don't get any rest XP for it. The AH lag and loot lag is also terrible and very frequent. The type of lag I can't stand more than anything is when there's a resource node (mineral deposit or herb) that "isn't really there", though you can still mine/collect it. Only once you're done, no loot window appears and you are trapped in the looting position until you relog, and cannot loot any corpses until you do so. This kind of bug should have been fixed a long time ago as it happened in the first Stress Test over 2 months ago just as frequently as it does now. The Bittorrent download system for patches is also inexcusable and completely absurd. I hope that with time these issues will be ironed out, because they are really the only things that bother me about the game.

01-03-05, 11:23 AM
BlackRock, Australian Server pretty much. If you have played on this server till level 45, you will understand why its annoying, just look at there official tech forums about complains.

01-03-05, 04:59 PM
LOL K007, your post really does reek of "I don't know what the hell I'm talking about but here's my opinion!" Hey, I do the same thing all the time, so it's okay for you to do it. But I really doubt that you'll persuade someone with that. I'm a level 47 Priest at the moment, and I'm still having a really good time playing the game. Even moreso now, because people are in general starting to learn how to play their class better. If you don't think there's strategy to the game, then I'm concerned, upset and umm... confused.

I can't wait til lots of people get to level 60, and I can join my guild in going to level 60 dungeons etc. This is where Blizzard means you to be.

WoW stands on it's own merits, not because of the Blizzard name. The fact that it's made by Blizzard just enables the game to have a polish that I have rarely seen in any other game. Sure, they have server problems on occasion, but when there aren't, I keep noticing little things in the game that make me think the game is designed, programmed and drawn with a talent rarely seen.

I'd like to play EQ2 at some point, but I don't have the money to afford it easily, nor the inclination to leave WoW.

I played GuildWars in one of those weekend free trial things. It was pretty cool, but the two days wasn't enough to really get a good feel for it. However, it does feel like a game which you can go to a LAN with some mates, grab some beers and just have a fun, light-hearted romp around the countryside, killing mobs.

Hmm anyway. I haven't added anything useful to the thread, so I'll stop here.

01-04-05, 12:37 AM
<<Fanboi mode enabled>>

I wouldn't play EQ2 just on the aspect that they are so cheap on programing skillz for thier software that they cant even provide decent performance and customer support. I mean WTF, they are using high skool kiddies to code thier patches... This is the first MMORPG that I have ever played (I beta'd) that did not fix game stopping major issues like geforce 6800 hardware problems with patches.

Just stupid on SOE part...

<<Fanboi mode disabled>>

the above post was modified from Fanboi Ebtmagus previous responce.

By the way Bit Torrent patches own, just install netlimiter and limit your upload bandwidth to 10 kb/sec and watch it pour in at over 180kb/sec. Some poeple might be to stupid to open the right ports or use upload limiters though.

Son Goku
01-04-05, 01:02 AM
So let me get this straight. Blizzard is charging a monthly fee for their network service and they haven't managed to improve the thing?

I have had more then a few problems with battle.net in the years I had Diablo II. I had accounts on both US West and US East realms, lots of downages, games got deleted when chars were still in them...caused probs with chars "char not found" error messages when one tried to reload a char that got dumped in this manner (chars stored on server of course), lots of lag problems, etc...

There were all kinds of complaints on their forums, but to each message peeps were like "why complain, you don't pay a monthly fee, you whiners". Peeps replied "I did buy a CD".

Now many of those probs are gone in Diablo II, except it's bot galore with bots that whisper spam-vertized websites in games (to buy duped/hacked items for real cash, cheats, programs to hack the game, etc) and for everyone squelched...there's like a million spam bots on there, and another 5 can be there to take it's place.

So, no monthly fee was about the only reason they had to hold off peeps complaints of battle.net probs. And yet now, they charge a monthly fee and the network there is still like this?

That be the case, I could stick to EQ or what not for a subscribers fee...

01-04-05, 02:01 AM
By the way Bit Torrent patches own, just install netlimiter and limit your upload bandwidth to 10 kb/sec and watch it pour in at over 180kb/sec. Some poeple might be to stupid to open the right ports or use upload limiters though.

You the reason why it doesn't own... your the reason why thier method of patching is STUPID. By limiting your upload you make other users download slower...

BTW, I have had no issue with EQ2 so far. :)

01-04-05, 02:52 AM
How can anyone who likes guildwars called world of warcraft the world of walking. Seriously all you do in guildwars is walk and slash at things. I've played every demo they have released and I find it as boring now as it was back during the E3 demo.

01-04-05, 05:24 AM
oh yeah magus, im gonna let it fully saturate my upload bandwidth to 50 KB a sec that way there's nothing left for regular download comunication and my Download slows to 10kb a sec :rolleyes: makes alot of sense bud. (Yes this can, and does happen with bit-torrent technology, it will FULLY SATURATE upload bandwidth and leave absolutely nothing for overhead communication needed to download things)

if im feeling generous i'll up the transfer rate to 40kb and let it sit for 10 minutes when it's done transfering. (It still uploads)

From a business standpoint their method of patching is very smart, bandwidth is not free you know. I know you've had issues with EQ2 and stuttering you said so when you first got the game, you said you resoloved them as well. Which i find highly unlikely as I honestly don't beleive EQ2 can run properly on 6800 Hardware. IF you really want to prove it to me post a vidcap of you runing thru freeport.