View Full Version : FS: epox RDA3+ rev 3.2 $55 shipped.

12-31-04, 09:02 PM
just like everyone else, i gotta fund the upgrade...had this board for a month...comes with all the peripherals (cd, manual, io shield, etc.) and has the mosfet hs' installed. also has taipan's modded bios which allowed me to run 230x9 with my corsair ram....great shape and always stable....PAYPAL only...thanks all. SOLD

01-01-05, 08:32 PM
EPOX 8RDA3+ Rev 3.2 $47 shipped. only had for a month but got my infinity now...has mosfet hs' installed and comes with all the peripherals....only a month old. has taipan's modded bios on it which i was running 230x9....good board but no longer need it. SOLD

MSI KT6 Delta-LSR. $35 shipped. only have the io shield, cd and manual...may have a couple of ide cables....good mobo but looking for $$$. SOLD

MS Keyboard...$15 shipped. Natural Multimedia. Blue/White.

paypal only....thanks all.