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08-16-02, 05:24 PM
Can't we all just get along?

Don't bother, the Isralies and Palestinians won't ever either....

Competition is good. Ati is good to push Nvidia into making the best graphics possilbe at the lowest prices possible and vice versa. I currently own a Radeon 8500, not because I am a rabid fanATIc, but because at the time it's price/performance was much more attractive to me than a $400 GF4. Now, UPS has a GF4 Ti4400 on the way to my house because it's price/performance is much more attractive than what ATI is offering in a few weeks. I have not owned an Nvidia based card before, so I have no allegence to either company. I simply buy what fits my needs (faster Morrowind performance is my current need:rolleyes: ) at the time of purchase.

Very few will run out to get a $400 card that supports games and a API that don't even exist yet. All that "make a little profit" crap is useless thought. Lets take care of our own *****, and let other take care of theirs. (in other words, use your brain to get an MBA instead of dreaming up the master Nvidia plan):p

Here's to being objective.....