View Full Version : How accurate is NVIDIA's Temp. reading???

01-01-05, 10:47 AM
I'm wondering how accurate is NVIDIA's driver temp. reading?? It shows ambient 67C and core 93C at load. But my vantec temp. sensor detected 10-15C lower than what NVIDIA shows. Also, with Speedfan, the temp. reading was way below than NVIDIA's. I took off the heatsink and re-attach again after applying some arctic ceramique. But the temp. is just a 2-3C lower.

What is the problem actually??

01-01-05, 11:01 AM
What card are you using, your sig shows an ATi card.

67C is pretty high for ambient. Are you running the fan from the board or from the Vantec thing? Your vantec temp sensor will never show the same as the GPU because the GPU sensor is in the chip.

Even if you have the sensor between the heatsink and the GPU it won't be exactly the same, and doing that will probably result is your GPU being hotter because as flat as those sensors are, they'll be between your GPU and your heatsink, and you don't even want air there.

01-01-05, 12:17 PM
Sorry, it is an Sparkle GeForce 6800 GT 256MB (350,1000). Dual GPU fan running from the AGP PCB. Also Speedfan can detect the monitoring chip and shows temp. 10C lower than NVIDIA's readings.

I checked at mvktech. Even using BFG BIOS or leadtek won't help. With Gainward GS GLH BIOS, the fan is running always at 100% & thus generating irritating noise. Even with 100% speed, temp. is only 2-3C low which can be for arctic ceramique.

Temp. reaches to 93C after 5 minutes running of ATI Tool. But after that, even after 20-25 minutes, the card shows same consistency and also no artifact. But fan speed doesn't go higher with any bios except for Gainward bios.

What should I do?