View Full Version : speeding up my geforce 6800 XFX?

01-01-05, 11:11 PM
well, it says "extreme overclocking" and such on the front. is this card over-clocking friendly? even with a stock fan? anything I can do in rivatuner to speed it up? it's current speed is 325/700, according to coolbits.

01-01-05, 11:16 PM
You can use coolbits to bump up the speeds, or try unlocking the extra pipelines and VS's using coolbits. That will give you a huge increase in speed.

01-01-05, 11:20 PM
will it damage my card, or heat it up? and how do I do that?

01-02-05, 03:15 PM
You can also use RivaTuner to try and unlock the extra 4 pipelines and 1 vertex shader. However, it's really hit or miss as many 6800's have damaged pipelines. That's why they've been disabled. Go to www.guru3d.com and download the latest RivaTuner. After you unlock its pipes just play some games and see if you get any artifacts. If not, you're good to go.