View Full Version : Desktop context menu missing on Win2K

01-02-05, 06:08 AM
There has been a feature on Forceware drivers since about 55.xx whereby an entry is added to the desktop context menu (right click) that says "nVIDIA analogue display" and loads up the nVIDIA control panel applet when it is clicked. I've seen this working fine under 98SE and XP but the "nVIDIA analogue display" option does not appear on the Win2K desktop context menu with any driver version.

I have tried it with lots of versions of the Forceware driver and after a clean install of Win2K it didn't appear either. With the 7x.xx beta's there is an option to enable or disable the feature, even when this is set to 'enabled' the feature is not.

Is this a known bug? I haven't seen any mention of it anywhere. If it is not intended to work on Win2K then surely the list of features should be amended to say that the context menu option does not work under Win2K.