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01-03-05, 10:30 PM
Can anybody point me to some benchmarks of this card. Also, any benchmarks of this card in SLI would be appreciated.

01-04-05, 12:43 AM
Umm, I don't think this card exists. If I understand the benchmarks, the 6800nu is really no better than a 6600 agp OR pcie, so Nvidia is ending production of the 6800NU. I myself have an agp 6800nu, and I can honestly say I feel a little cheated. You should really spring for a gt, although I'm not sure if they come in PCIE either. The slower memory is a killer, and even the $150 6600 comes with ddr3, unlike the 6800nu which ships with 128mb ddr1.

01-04-05, 12:49 AM
Mmm.. but the vanilla 6600 isn't that quick. SSexyman isn't quite right to do down the 6800 NU - it performs better at mid-high resolutions with AA applied (which is where the increased memory bandwidth - 256 bit - comes into play). Though, in fairness, it's dubious as to whether the 6800NU-6600GT's price differential is worth it.

In any case, the NV41 should be the 6800NU for PCIe, but I can't direct you to any benchies. As I understand it, Purevideo should work on the 6800NU PCIe if that's important for you, as it's a different core to the NV40. No unlocking pipes though - there are none to unlock.

EDIT: Not sure if these are NV41s or bridged NV40s, but here are 3:


01-04-05, 01:21 AM
I have a Leadtek A400TDH (6800nu) AGP. I was gonna build an SLI rig for a friend. Doesn't really seem like there are many PCI-E cards yet anyway, and the 6800GTs are alot more expensive.