View Full Version : 21 in stock ASUS A8N SLI for $219 at centralcomputer.com

01-04-05, 08:55 PM
There are 21 ASUS SLI motherboards in stock @ centralcomputer.com. These are suposedly so hard to find websites are charging as much as $350 each!

My favorite neighborhood computer store, Central Computer in Santa Clara (http://www.centralcomputer.com), has nearly two dozen ASUS SLI board on the shelf this evening at a non-gouging price of $229 each in-store, $219 web price. I don't work there, and I have never done mail order with them (I live a block away) but they have always treated me like a king!

01-04-05, 10:45 PM
Never heard of Centralcomputer, but mwave seemed to have a decent deal on the Asus SLI nF4 when I was looking earlier. Too bad the memory timings problems I've been following PLUS the imminent arrival of the DFI superboard (that was just announced) take away any greatness the Asus board might have had...