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01-05-05, 05:04 AM
Ok I, like a few others out there bought this 'great' deal GT card only to find out its 12 pipelines and 5 vertex shaders. :mad:
Basically I need/want more performance from my card and I should not be CPU limited on my 2.8C @ 3.3GHZ running a gig of corsair xms3200xl

So what's the deal with this unlocking business. Is it for real? I've read all I can on the net and that's maybe three threads and there seems to be this 50% success rate flying around and some very happy ppl including a few 6800GE users.
I've never done anything like this before and want to know what the worst case scenario is. If it turns out like a too high overclock with artifacts and things like that do you simply remove the mod and the card is ok again? I read that the card is fine in some places but some ppl think it will be screwed after.
Also is it actually gonna give me better performance in games? I find it can't 'quite' hack doom3, HL2 or farcry on the max details which is what I expected from this card.
I have bought an NV5 arctic cooler for this card, it's sitting right here cos I don't know if its compatible with this card. Does anyone know before I open it? I would hope that the basic screw positions are the same on this card for GT/ULTRAS.



01-05-05, 05:15 AM

this is interesting from that thread:
Asus V9999 GE 16x1, 6vp

@stock 390/1.09 using 66.70 ForceWare:
12x1, 5vp 3DMark05: 4615
16x1, 6vp 3DMark05: 4936

with no artefacts.

My AsusV9999GE is running 16x1,6vp beautifully. Success! Oc'ed to 420/1100 too. Am so happy. Benchmarks of doom3 and both 3dmarks also show improvements to a 6800ultra level.

Then there's this happy guy:

Seems like an easy soft-mod to do, but I am cautious with my PC!


01-05-05, 05:24 AM
if you'd used the search function its all here...and on guru3d dedicated rivatuner forum...however i'll enlighten you.

i have a GE, i've unlocked it with rivatuner 15.2 and am currently running 15.3. if you successfully get pipequad/vertex unlocked then don't bother clocking, the additional power used by the card at 16x1, 6vp is probably stressing it enough. it runs at 1.4V already and lots of voltmodded (to 1.4V) cards die when clocked after 3 months, so despite the bundled smartdoctor's clock facilities i'm not bothering. even if you get a successful unlock you'll still be CPU limited, thats the state of things today. the unlock will allow higher fillrates however, which equates to higher resolutions and levels of AA...a stock GT in other words. it is a softmod, can be undone, and yes, for max detail settings will help. i run far cry/hl2 on max (doom3 on high) with AA.

if you use smartdoctor you can use smart cooling to bring the noise down, given the NV5 invalidates your warranty don't think i'll bother. the asus cooling solution is amongst the best, don't be so bitter man...its a premium card. more times than not they mod (close to reference board) and mine's still going after being unlocked...however long that's been.

01-05-05, 05:36 AM
I am bitter cos I thought I was getting a GT, I don't owe Asus anything in that respect.
Thanks for your reply, the bit about it being undone again is most important to me.
I've searched this forum for 6800GE and only two threads came up so I assumed there was no more info to be had, will look more next time.
Does your HL2 run completely smooth? Mine will stop and generally be unsmooth and if a lot of stuff is happening in an outdoor environment FPS can fall to as low as 16 on 1280x1024.
Farcry stutters slightly too, this is why I want more performance.


01-05-05, 05:51 AM
i did the same mate is it not a GTo (GT oem) i bought an msi 6800GT oem and though i was getting a good deal on a GT it cost me 280 how wrong was i :mad:

01-05-05, 08:33 AM
the names aren't GT though, if you'd bought the asus GT with the crappy RAM etc you'd feel harder done by! i knew what i was getting myself into before i went GE, but by (at the time) 15" tft limited me to 1024x768 anyway, low fillrate requirement. now i've got a 20" 1600x1200 tft winging its way to me i'm very glad for the additional fillrate of 16 pipes.
i'll run the CS stress test for you a sec...

1280x1024, all high, reflect all, 4xAA, 8xAF, vsync off - 79.46fps...s'ok!

even if the softmod doesn't work, bear in mind you have less fillrate than a standard GT...so drop the res and AA/AF for a disproportionately large framerate increase.

01-05-05, 08:54 AM
have you triedthe NEW RivaTuner ? 15.3 New Years Edition .. apparently the cards that wouldnt unlock with 15.2, have a good chance with 15.3. :cool:

01-06-05, 02:32 PM
Ok I got 15.3 and unlocked the vertex shader and pipes then rebooted and ran 3dmark2001SE.
It seemed to be fine until It came to bump mapping and pixel shader whereupon it started to artifact with black/green things.
I have since reverted back to stock settings but should I give it a go on just the pipes or something?
Or am I better now to try to get a good overclock from it.
For that you have to overclock some 2D setting and a power3D setting is this correct?
BTW I have the NV5 silencer on it and it has REALLY made my whole system quieter and the air coming out of it is warm!



01-06-05, 02:59 PM
try the pixel shader and the pipe quad separately, yeah, see if one is defective. you'll be really unlucky if they both are.

01-06-05, 04:10 PM
Ok thanks Mud!
It scared me a little tbh, my poor card seemed like it was being damaged!
Will give it a go in a bit...
What's better for performance to work? The quad or the shader?


01-06-05, 05:01 PM
the quad will be the one to root for, it'll allow those higher resolutions you seem to want; without it you'll have to trade off detail again resolution until you can fit all the processing within the 12 pipes of bandwidth. the vertex shader is worth having but isn't as big a gain.

01-06-05, 05:46 PM
Ok hope quad will work!
I got some noob questions.
I am using a 17'' BenQ TFT (12ms) and in games you get the horizontal lines across the screen unless you use V-sync. It is an analog monitor so I assume this is normal? Or have I not installed a necessary driver? There are some more drivers on the VGA CD but I don't know what they do! V-sync always seems to eat performance

On the Cd There is:
Asus Enhanced Driver, says driver for optimum 2d/3d output, do I need it?
AGP GART driver, what is this anyway?

Still very much NOOB when it comes to pc's...:)

BTW the NV5 has lowered CPU temps by 1-2 degrees.

01-06-05, 06:36 PM
Size comparison:

Applying fill layer of arctic silver5:

What came out of the stock Asus HSF, I was impressed with the copper unit.


01-06-05, 07:46 PM
is that AS5 on the RAMsinks? if so, naughty naughty! its mildly capacitative and RAM can be very sensitive to that.

you want the latest GART drivers, they can make a huge difference, check the dates out and install them if they're newer than what you've got. i'm not sure on where to grab the latest GARTs from, maybe someone can point us in the right direction (prolly mobo manufacturer)...as for the asus enhanced drivers, i don't use them, they'll be outdated now in any case. currently running 71.20s to great effect, haven't investigated the 71.24s yet, cba.

are the horizontal lines you talk about tearing or more like scan lines? what refresh rate are you running at? 60Hz often reaps a better picture quality than, say 75Hz on tfts. given an active matrix tft there's no need for the extra 15Hz anyway (no fade and redraw, pixel merely stays on).

you say 1-2'C on the CPU, out of interest what difference did it make to the gfx card and ambient case temp?

01-06-05, 07:56 PM
Mud you think the AS5 will have any significant effect on the RAM? I hope not, oh well.
GART drivers eh?
They are more like scan lines than tears,
Monitor is already on 60Hz
As for ambient temps I have no way of monitoring so not sure, but top-end CPU temp is down 2 degrees (running HL2).
Smart doctor said the card was running at normal temp of 60deg celsius, but I don't really trust that program anyhow.
The core doesn't touch the copper base as well as I would have liked, so I had to put a few spikes of AS5 to ensure contact, but I read somewhere to put 1mm of the stuff on the core! I didn't want to risk it oozing out onto those pins nearby and causing a short. I think if it wasn's adequately cooled it would have melted the core by now;)
Could I be losing performance due to the GARTS? I'll look on ASUS's site now for new ones.



01-06-05, 08:01 PM
71.2? Is there a new Nvidia driver out?
I couldn't find a GART thing anywhere on the asus site, should I install the ones off the cd and see what happens?



01-06-05, 08:11 PM
I'll look on ASUS's site now for new ones.

Drivers found on Asus' site are usually horribly outdated. For the latest versions go to www.nvidia.com if you have an nForce chipset or www.viaarena.com for a VIA chipset. The GART driver is part of the package you download.

01-06-05, 09:49 PM
the 71.20s are forceware and can be found on guru3d.com. i don't know whether AS5 will screw up your RAM, i just know its not advised. if you lap your NV5, remove the AS5 from the RAMsinks and apply something like ceramique or whatever came with the NV5 i'd predict your temps will get dropped fairly heftily. right now smartdoctors reporting 58/49 @ 2500rpm with my stock hs&f, but bear in mind my case ambient is a fairly scorchy 35'C this sec (just out of hl2dm :D).

other than checking your monitor cables are fitted snugly i cna't think what to suggest. tfts aren't affected by EMI are they? the VGA signal can be, but if you're running DVI then it shouldn't anyway IIRC.

01-07-05, 07:52 AM
This is where my current knowledge breaks down regarding drivers, I don't know what forceware really is. Also what VIA or nforce is?!
How do I know what forceware to use there are loads of them!


I'ts not a DVI monitor unfortunately so I didn't see the point in using the DVI to analogue adapter and plugging it into the DVI port, is that where I've gone wrong?
Vsync does cure it so I thought it was a property of analogue TFT's.


01-07-05, 08:00 AM
This is where my current knowledge breaks down regarding drivers, I don't know what forceware really is. Also what VIA or nforce is?!
How do I know what forceware to use there are loads of them!

What is the exact model of your motherboard? That will determine what chipset it has and what drivers you would need for it.

I'ts not a DVI monitor unfortunately so I didn't see the point in using the DVI to analogue adapter and plugging it into the DVI port, is that where I've gone wrong?
Vsync does cure it so I thought it was a property of analogue TFT's.


If you're simply talking about visual tearing, that's simply what happens when vsync is off. There's nothing you can do about it besides turning it on. That also has a downside in that your performance will get cut in half (30 fps) if at any point in a game your actual frame rate drops below your current refresh rate. It's a tradeoff only you can decide to make.

01-07-05, 08:55 AM
I have the P4C800E-DELUXE, by ASUS, it has LOUSY v-core stability (e.g. varies by 0.1v under load!), don't use it! Tho it is easy to use considering this is my first assembled PC.
Yeh games try to hold at 60FPS but it always drops with enemies etc.
The tears are too anoying not to have v-sync on so I guess digital monitors are better then?:(


01-07-05, 11:57 AM
DVI won't eliminate tearing, it just avoids signal loss through the digital->analogue->digital conversion.

which drivers you use is up to you, like i said, the 71.20s are good...unsure if the 71.24s are better though.

01-07-05, 03:42 PM
well I think its safe to say that it is the quad that is damaged as when that only was enabled it still artifacted in 3dmrk2001SE.
So I don't think i'll even bother with the vertex shader now, prolly get more performance from the overclock. Although so far results have been weird, the 2001SE scores not changing at all or even going down when i put the core from 350 to 370mhz. When I press test nothing seems to happen, in older versions of rivatuner this little bar comes up and scans along showing you its testing it, but this doesn't seem to do anything. I don't want to use smart doctor, any ideas?
I installed 71.24 and HL2 is pretty much the same as before.
So do all TFT's get scan lines then?