View Full Version : bfg 6800gt and ati tv wonder pro sync probs...

01-05-05, 03:42 PM
hey guys.. i'm actually having a lil trouble with my tv wonder pro, and thought maybe it could be a compatibility issue since ati doesn't want you to use a non-ati vid card :thumbdwn:

when using the "best quality mode" in the tv tuner, the audio and video don't sync up. it's as if the sound lags by a second or so... does anyone else out there have this problem or better yet- a fix? :angel:

btw, supposedly the "best video quality mode" requires more cpu power, but i'm running an athlon64 3500 oced to 2.5 ghz and 1 gb of ram. so i don't think it's my setup in that regard..

01-07-05, 12:05 PM