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Pandora's Box
01-05-05, 04:51 PM
Ok I decided to save some money and get a 6600 GT instead of a 6800 series card.

Which brand is best for a 6600 GT? I heard the XFX is the best due to it having the same core and memory frequencies as the pci express version.

01-05-05, 04:56 PM
BFG 6600GTOC's come stock @ 525/1050 :D ...

01-05-05, 05:14 PM
Ok I decided to save some money and get a 6600 GT instead of a 6800 series card.

Which brand is best for a 6600 GT? I heard the XFX is the best due to it having the same core and memory frequencies as the pci express version.

I heard the new custom cooler on the XFX is inferior.

I would go with an eVGA or BFG.

01-05-05, 05:32 PM
The best one you can get is the closest one to your house- that way you can take it back to the store for a swap quickly if it doesn't work right.

01-06-05, 02:56 AM
BFG 6600GTOC's come stock @ 525/1050 :D ...
my galaxy also came with stock speeds of 525/1050

01-06-05, 03:08 AM
my galaxy also came with stock speeds of 525/1050

But don't all BFG series cards come with Lifetime warranty, even against Overclocking flaws??? If that is the case, go BFG all the way. Plus they usually carry the best stock heatsinks right of the box, compared to eVGA's usual plastic tampon stuff =\

01-06-05, 11:35 AM
Stay far far away from the XFX 6600GT AGP now guys.

I purchased a XFX 6600GT AGP after reading many many reviews of the GF 6600GT series of cards, especially the XFX version of this card. Needless to say I am quite disappointed with what I received.

XFX has changed their production process for their 6600GT series of cards. No longer will you get 1.6ns memory, they are now including 2.0ns. Which by itself it not necessarily bad, but every review currently out there was done with the 1.6ns memory. You will not be able to get the same results that the reviewers have gotten in the past.

The worst part of the changes XFX made with this card was the heat sink and cooler. The cooler they are now shipping on the card is a small underpowered piece of crap, not the nVidia standard 6600GT cooler.

I removed the coolers (including the bridge chip), cleaned all surfaces with 100% Isopropyl Alcohol then re-installed it with Artic Silver 5. The result: the GPU runs at 55c even at IDLE with no overclocking. Under full load it hits 80c+. This cooler sucks.

I canít play Half-Life without choppiness as the card is throttling down because of excess heat. In 3DMark 2003, this card gets a lower score than my FX5950. Again because of heat related throttling.

If you buy this card plan on buying a third party cooler as well. Or make sure you get an older version of the card that has the standard nVidia heat sink and fan. That way you can get the 1.6ns memory as well.

01-06-05, 11:43 AM
Everything I have read currently suggests that the BFG 6600GT agp is the best one to get. Here is link to roundup of 6600GT AGP cards:


Great article. BFG wins. Also, their XFX data and pics are out of date. As said in a previous post XFX is now using slower memory and a lower quality fan/heatsink.

01-06-05, 11:51 AM
When I bought my XFX they had two version of cards. I bought one with the funky looking fans like the one in the screenshot. Did I get the old version, which has better cooling and memory speed?

I checked xfx website and they have the information about the new fan which they said an improvement.
So they certainly lying there .

01-06-05, 02:47 PM
Yes fruitopias, despite what they say you have the better cooling fan and faster memory. I say this after reading many posts by others with both versions :)

01-06-05, 09:13 PM
I love my XFX 6600GT yor expeariance my vary :)

01-06-05, 09:51 PM
That BFG doesnt look so impressive... Lowest OC of the bunch...

01-06-05, 11:05 PM
I have the original XFX 6600GT AGP and I idle at 41C and after playing half life 2 for about 2 hours it goes up to about 53C (This is in a stock HP case too!!) . I have been very happy with the card so far.

01-07-05, 04:36 AM
Get anything But XFX
did any1 notice, the BFG HSF is identical to the MSI 66GT -pci-e HSF!

01-07-05, 10:22 AM
OK, so I own the XFX with the crappy new heatsink fan. Let's just say I have noticed some wierd things trying to bench the card, that could definitely be attributed to the card throtlling.

Any suggestions for an aftermarket cooling solution for this card?

Pandora's Box
01-07-05, 11:02 AM
what a mess. overheating issues, stability issues. i think i will pass. time to save up some more cash for the 6800 gt.

01-07-05, 11:24 AM
Chickpea, from what I have read an aftermarket cooling solution such as the NV5 will be out in a few weeks/maybe month or two for the 6600GT. There is quite a demand for the product, and not just from newer XFX owners.

01-08-05, 07:24 AM
nv5 etc, for 66GT AGP will take a long time (1-2 months)
y dont u rma the card, saying, or giving reasons, the temps are hi and the games crash, its unstable and etc etc.