View Full Version : a8v 1009 and 1009.007 bios

01-05-05, 05:07 PM
hello all:
i have an asus a8v mobo with the 1008 bios and just saw on the asustek site the official release of the 1009 bios and the beta 1009.007 bios. the site wasnt very forthcoming as far as the bug fixes or new additions in these new bios. have any of you used these and what are the additions, pluses, minuses? does it run better with or without?
my mobo so far has worked without a hitch(havent begun overclocking tho, so im not 100%) and as the saying goes if it aint broke dont fix it, i just dont want to miss out on any performance boosts if there are any to gain. thanks for the info

01-05-05, 06:04 PM
Hi, I've installed the 1009.007 and everything seems fine. To be honest, I reallly don't notice any difference though (good or bad), I just like having my bios up to date. :D