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01-06-05, 05:20 PM
Hola everyone, this is my very first post on the forums, been lurking around for quite awhile, although mostly in the Nvidia forums but I've read so many usefull things here, I wanted to start off by saying thanks to everyone.

So not long ago I built my very first computer, a P4 3.0 E, Asus P4P800-SE, 1024 Duel Channel Corsair Value Ram and a 120 gig barracuda drive. Since then I've added a BFG 6800 Ultra, a Zalman CU 7600 fan to replace the stock intel job (which I really love by the way) and an Antec True Blue 480 PSU, I know it's not the crazziest thing ever but it was my first time and hey, I think I did an ok job :).

So anyways, after reading around alot of different places about tweaking and what not I found myself downloading CPU-Z, just to make sure everything was going ok and I've noticed a few things I wanted to ask the pro's around here about.

First I noticed that on the first tab where it indicates Voltage (v-core right ?) I saw the numbers jumping around a bit, going from 1.44, down to 1.39, up to 1.45 and back to 1.44. Is this normal at all, could it be a problem with my PSU or should I not worry about this ?

Second, I also noticed that core speed is also clocked bellow 3000 mhz, and sits at around 2995 mhz, sometimes that number also moves up to 2996 mhz, again is this normal ?

And Third, when I go to the memory and SPD tab I see that my Ram seems to be set at 200 mhz, but the ram installed is PC3200 400mhz, now this might be my ignorance since it's dual channel and that might mean that together it makes 400 mhz but again, is it normal for both Ram chips to be set at 200 mhz?

Well those are my questions, I appologize in advance for what must be really noob questions to many of you but any help is really appreciated, kinda learning as I go here :).

Thanks again all.

01-06-05, 05:52 PM
everything is normal

ddr400 runs at 200mhz
and vcore usually jumps around i believe (well if it doesnt, then im in trouble too)

01-06-05, 06:03 PM
Everything you've asked about is normal. DDR400 = double data rate, 200 MHz x 2 = 400.

Daneel Olivaw
01-06-05, 06:43 PM
The P4P800 especially tends to lower voltage during load. It's a relatively good thing. And well within Intel norms. Plus, what the two above poster said ;)
As for that 4-5 MHz drop, don't worry about it, if you really worry though, the newer bioses from Asus (if I remember correctly) correct this.

But again, flashing a bios just for that is definitely not worth it, and a bit risky for no gain.

01-07-05, 06:59 AM
Thank you for all the responses and help everyone, I feel much better now :) Thanks for taking the time.