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01-07-05, 07:11 PM
Hello all,

I am in a market for a new card for my Dell 4550 computer which has a a rated 250 watt power supply but after reading the Dell forums they say its equilavent to a 350 watt supply. I have a free molex to connect the card to. I have looked over on the Dell forums and I have been doing a lot of research on the the 6800nu and 6600gt cards. The information I can gleam is that the 6800nu card recommends a power supply of 300 watts and the 6600gt recommends 350 watts. Some how this doesnt seem quite right. Does anyone have a good handle on power requirements for I am on a tight budget and I am trying to avoid a power supply upgrade.

Looking at a BFG 6800 oc or 6600gt oc or the Leadtek models.

Thank you

01-07-05, 08:35 PM

use dell selector for power supply selection, I upgraded my dell8250 to the 425 dell deluxe power supply for my 6800 GT.

01-07-05, 09:01 PM
I have a 6600GT running on a 300W Antec PSU without any problem. The 6600GT needs a little bit more than the 45W that the AGP port can provide. If you overclock than it will ask for more. You also need to consider what other components are drawing power from your PSU: type of processor, number of HDs, PCI card, USB devices, etc.

Have a look at the following site: http://www.jscustompcs.com/power_supply/

01-08-05, 11:54 AM
Xbitlabs web site has the power consumption comparisons in 2 different articles. The 6800 has a consumption of 18 watts idle and 40 watts full burn. Since they didnt have an agp 6600gt model they used the pcie one and they came out with a 18 watts idle and 50 watts full burn. So they are really close in values.



01-08-05, 12:06 PM
Yeap they are thats why they both need molex connectors in AGO and nirther of them use power when connected on PCI-E.

01-08-05, 11:16 PM
I know someone who has a 4550 and is using a GeForce 6800 GT. It runs great. Dell's power supplies are rated low. I don't think you'll have a problem with either the 6800 GT or the 6800. The only thing is that you'll need a faster P4 to get more out of the card. At least a 2.8GHz would be recommended.

01-09-05, 01:09 AM
i ran my 6800 GT on a demension 8200 (i believe 250w)
dell makes good powersupplies and are actually underated i believe

in your case i doubt it would matter unless you have 2 cd/dvd, 2 hd, 2 floppies etc

01-09-05, 11:28 AM
I have a 6600GT running on a 300W Antec PSU without any problem. That's funny, I have a 6800NU running on a 300W Antec PSU without a problem - my guess is that they use about the same amount of power.