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11-22-02, 01:57 AM
Source: Merrill Lynch


The first order of business for NVIDIA is to get NV30 off the ground. Though we picked up product specifics at the launch on Monday, we had a chance to get more detail on the timing of the ramp and remaining challenges yesterday. As expected, NVDIA has chosen not to use low-k dielectric on the NV-30, a decision which involves some performance compromises but also lowers the risk of any manufacturing miscues. With the part now qualified, waiting on system integrators to finish boards is the issue that clearly is not going to happen until the April quarter.

It will be very important for NVIDIA to successfully ramp the lower-cost versions of NV3X in time to hit the April 2003 quarter, however. The successful launch of the high-end part will not be enough to support a revenue upturn in the April quarter. Management was not willing to answer questions about whether additional versions of NV3X have taped out, although the intention to hit the April quarter was reiterated during our conversation.

11-22-02, 03:04 AM
APRIL ????? :eek: OMG this can't be right Nvidia must be smokeing crack if they delay so much they will loose big time :eek:

11-22-02, 03:42 AM
are they nuts! I hope that doesnt happen.

druga runda
11-22-02, 03:44 AM
I think it is just a wrong report.

What does Merryl Lynch know about video cards :p

And two parts are contradictory, the top one states NV30... and the bottom one states NV3X... for April quarter , and coming a few months behind... so NV30 is still coming out in February, but the low end parts two months after, which is April.

Those analysts suck big time.

* as a side note: did you know that an analyst for Institutional Shareholder Services (ok not ML) who produced a major report in favours of HP/Compaq merger, and had real impact (as it was a close count) was sacked this year because he lied about his masters/university diploma


analysts... doh...

11-22-02, 05:41 AM
Originally posted by druga runda
I think it is just a wrong report.

What does Merryl Lynch know about video cards...

Not much, but they do say they were talking with Nvidia's senior management. For the sake of Nvidia's investors and employees, senior management better know something about vidcards.

...And two parts are contradictory, the top one states NV30... and the bottom one states NV3X... for April quarter...

The two parts are not contradictory. One is talking about the nv30, the other about nv3x budget chips.

The Merryl Lynch analyst thinks that the nv30 will be out in April quarter. He states the reason for this is because system integrators (I assume he means board manufacturers like gainward, asus, etc.)will need that long to get their boards ready. We do know that none of the manufacturers have yet built any prototype boards.

He doesn't actually predict when the nv3x budget chips will be out. He just says that Nvidia needs to get it out by April quarter if Nvidia expects to be making any money and that senior management is planning on having it out then. Of course, these are the same people who planned to have the nv30 out about three months ago.

This is a bit off topic, but I think, regardless of when the nv30 is out, that nvidia's high end chips will be losing until the nv35 at least. The nv30 was meant to compete against the r300, instead it will be competing against a higher clocked ddr2 refresh of the r300. Maybe it will even be facing the r350. If so, it will probably be slaughtered by it just like the gf4ti was slaughtered by the r300.

Unless the nv30 has some secret abilities they haven't told us about (hmmmm....), nvidia will be in for a long wait before it can claim the throne again. A nv35 refresh of the nv30 will be the earliest chance Nvidia has of doing this.

11-22-02, 09:25 AM
According to Merril Lynch reported at:http://investor.cnet.com/investor/brokeragecenter/newsitem-broker/0-9910-1082-20687186-0.html?tag=ltnc

I want a GeForce FX, but get real, April!

Rob (pissed off and now considering an ATI Radeon 9700 Pro)

11-22-02, 10:05 AM
This seems highly doubtful as review samples are expected within a month (or even less).

11-22-02, 11:03 AM
Go back and read the entire article again.

I think you overskimmed a bit :D

11-22-02, 11:05 AM
Well if that's the case it's gonna be here only on june or something? :( pffff I'm so gonna get R300-350.

11-22-02, 11:24 AM
Well, I suppose the most likely interpretation of that statement would be that the NV30's won't make it into PCs until April, which would seem to be an accurate assessment (PC's for sale, not PC's that people upgrade...).

11-22-02, 11:31 AM
Yes, the world revolves around OEMs, not Enthusiasts like us, Chalnoth is right...

11-22-02, 04:54 PM
haven't you heard:mad:

he said they were wrong.:rolleyes:

Nvidia themselves said that it was comming out Feb:mad:

11-22-02, 07:35 PM
You all do realize that the phrase "April quarter" does NOT mean April, right? The "April quarter" means the quarter ending in April (Q1), so you'll see these video cards out in the first quarter, probably in February.

When they say "hitting the April 2003 quarter" they mean when NVIDIA will begin seeing revenue from the NV3X and can report those revenues from the NV3X by the time that they make their Q1 report in April. This would mean that they would have to have graphics cards shipping early next year.

Bigus Dickus
11-22-02, 07:56 PM
I think "April quarter" means just that... nVidia's "April quarter."

That just happends to be February, March, and April for nVidia, and I would expect consumer cards to be available sometime in February.

11-23-02, 04:59 AM
Sparkle: GeForceFX in January starting from 500 euro


11-23-02, 09:16 AM
OMG :eek: 500Euros, that's so gonna hurt my budget :(

11-23-02, 11:16 AM
wasnt April for the lower end version of the card.

11-23-02, 11:34 AM
if it comes out later than feb, it ruins my whole schedule for upgrading my rig.

if it comes out too late i might consider a R350...
when is the expected ship date for that anyway??

11-23-02, 02:06 PM
if it comes out too late i might consider a R350...
when is the expected ship date for that anyway??

There isn't one. Anybody who tries to convince you otherwise is simply throwing around stuff that they've heard 283283th hand on the good ol internet.

Bigus Dickus
11-23-02, 03:10 PM
500 Euros? Wow. :eek:

Launch date for R350 is... who the hell knows. We know less about it than we did about the NV30 just a couple of weeks ago... that's the only thing that is certain. :)

11-23-02, 08:40 PM
Originally posted by Bigus Dickus
500 Euros? Wow. :eek:

which means the price in US dollars should be even lower? cards are usually more expensive in Europe.

11-23-02, 09:33 PM
thats still close to $500 in us. a little higher than $450.

Bigus Dickus
11-23-02, 09:41 PM
whew. You're right... I still haven't adjusted my mind to the Euro thing (guess if I lived there I would).

When I saw "Euros" I was thinking "Pounds." :D :eek:

Slight difference there! There is hope then that the top board might be found for not much over $400 then.

11-23-02, 09:44 PM
still quite a hefty price.. :/

11-23-02, 10:29 PM
Not really, every other high end card in the past has seemed to be about that price. That's what my classic GeForce3 was, and what my Ti4600 was as well.