View Full Version : Problems with 6600GT AGP - better go for a 6800GT

01-09-05, 08:50 AM
I bought a WinFast A6600GT TDH (AGP) card a week ago and experienced severe probs while playing games likle MOHPA, DOOM3 , Painkiller or Far Cry. I used first the driver delivered than the new beta forceware 7x.xx drivers.

After a few minutes the fps go down and the game becomes unplayable - sometimes after 10 minutes the pc crahes. PSE is 500W, I opened the case to ensure enough airflow but nothing helped.

I surfed several message board and have read that up to 40% of 6600GT AGP cards ar faulty and have severe probs. So, do anyone know if there is a solution at hand or is it the better decision to retun the card and go for a 6800GT - or do these cards have similar probs?

My specs:
P4 3,4 HT, 1 Gig Corsair PC3200, W-XP Home SP2, newest Forceware, Asustek P4? Board (875), previous card was a GF FX 5700

01-09-05, 09:07 AM
Did you uninstalled previous videocard driver then removed the old card before you install the new card? And what BIOS version your WinFast A6600GT TDH?

Edit: To find out what motherboard you use, click Start button/All Programs/Accessories/System Tools and click on System Information. Then the win pop up and look at the line that say "BIOS Version/Date".

01-09-05, 09:13 AM
I uninstalled the old driver, but since it was the latest official ForceWare I do not think this should be the core of the problem.

Regarding the BIOS - to be honest I do not know which version it is and how to find out - I've heard of a tool called nvflash for DOS based BIOS updates - but I don't know if it works and if there is a more recent version for my card.

01-09-05, 09:25 AM
To find out the videocard BIOS, click Start button/Control Panel/Display and click on Setting tab, click on Advanced button and click on Geforce 6800 GT tab. Then Nvidia control panel win pop up and you will see the videocard BIOS information in the box with Nvidia logo on it.

01-09-05, 09:36 AM
oh thanks, the biosversion of my g6600gt is: