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01-09-05, 05:33 PM
I've just pratically upgraded my system (all except ram :( ) and I did it part by part. First the graphics accelerator: I upgraded to an HIS x800 pro excalibur iceQ2. Awesome increase in performance in all games, however totally bottlenecked by an athlon XP 2400+ @2.1ghz. Still got jumping in HL2:(

So yesterday I bought myself a gigbyte K8NS board and an AMD64bit 3000+.
After 2 seconds from loading a level, HL2 never skips. Ever. Even with my 512MB ram.

So anyway, it looks like the source engine is a killer for the CPU :(

Did anyone else have a similar system to my previous(with the x800 pro) and find this too?

Old system:
athlon XP+ 2400+ (@2.1ghz)
ecs l7vmm2 r1.1
512mb ddr pc2100 @140mhz
HIS x800 pro excalibur iceQ2

01-09-05, 07:50 PM
no effense, but it's kinda common knowledge around here that HL2 is very cpu dependent.

01-09-05, 09:49 PM
Still got jumping in HL2:(

What do you mean by "Jumping" exactly? You could just be a victim of the sound stutter bug, which people with even the fastest computers available on the market can experience due to HL2 just being buggy.

01-09-05, 11:01 PM
naah, just really low framerates in large areas, even with x800 pro

p.sIt is now common knowledge to me too:D

01-10-05, 09:10 AM
never had any slowdowns...course I have a amd64 3200+ =) Hard to believe I bought this cpu a year ago (last jan.!!) and their still going strong in the market. 2k4 didnt see many advances in cpu speeds, but me and my wallet arent complaing.

01-11-05, 02:55 AM
Dude just be happy, most people who play half life 2 or counterstrike source have to run at 640x480 or 800x600 low everything because they form 80% of the mainstream market. Big areas produce slow downs? well check if you have the balls to turn some settings down :P

01-11-05, 03:42 AM
I wouldn't think you'd be getting it that bad. I run HL2 at 1280x1024 with 2xQ FSAA and 4x Ani on my setup, and it gets a very good steady framerate, usually in the 90fps range. Your video card is better than mine and your CPU isn't really that far behind mine.

01-11-05, 09:29 AM
Well I have the same problem he was talking about, and my CPU speed is similar to his old setup. The game is way too CPU dependant. I dont even play CS:S because in some places it just runs too crappy for me to be competitive.

01-15-05, 11:13 AM
Really..? that cpu dependant?

thank god for my ol' A64 then :cool:

01-22-05, 11:10 AM
I got crappy frame rates w/ my A64 3400 @ 2.5ghz ( 1mb L2 ) and my 6800 GT....then again...that was @ 1600x1200 w/ 4xaa 8xaf.

01-22-05, 11:29 AM
Are most of you referring to multiplayer when you talk about slow speeds?

I've noticed that with source, once the server goes above 20 players, everybody starts seeing skipping and jumping no matter how decent the server or their computer is, and it gets much worse the more players there are. This is especially true in HL2DM. I think it is probably just a bug, it could relate to the bug I have reported here:


01-23-05, 03:54 PM
i recently changed my cpu from a 2800axp (t-bred) to a 2500xp-m @ 2300mhz it has nearly doubled the fps that i was getting + my cs stress test went from 72-102 :)

01-23-05, 04:15 PM
Did anyone else have a similar system to my previous(with the x800 pro) and find this too?


The game used to stutter like anything as with anyone elses rig before they released the various bug fixes via steam. Now it's super smooth. :)

01-25-05, 06:47 AM
So anyway, it looks like the source engine is a killer for the CPU :(

Which is strange because most of it is really low poly stuff. That town square in the start of the game is really sluggish even though it's just a few player models, little physics or anything else.

01-28-05, 08:14 PM
However HL2 is not CPU dependant, I started played HL2 again this time with my brand new BFG Geforce 6800 GT OC on 1024x768 4xFSAA 8xAF, the game run very smooth on my AthlonXP 1800+ with 512Mb RAM and also here was no shuttering. :)

01-28-05, 08:31 PM
Well, according to AnandTech HL2 is CPU depended.
Not only is the game very CPU intensive, but because of its dependency on a fast CPU, Half Life 2 also appears to be quite dependent on high available memory bandwidth and low latency memory at the same time. Half Life 2 is actually the first game where we've seen this degree of dependency, which does make for some interesting predictions for the CPU/platform requirements of the next generation of games.

www.anandtech.com/ (http://www.anandtech.com/cpuchipsets/showdoc.aspx?i=2330&p=2)

01-28-05, 08:55 PM
Here's some results of my CPU upgrade from a XP3200+(sktA) to a 64 3500+(skt939), both @ stock speeds & FSB

HL2: Custom Timedemo 'airboat'
62.79====>68.67 fps

HL2: Timedemo 'Guru3D_demo5'
97.57====>103.0 fps

CS:Source VST
98.04====>105.0 fps

Doom3: Timedemo1
54.6====>57.7 fps

Painkiller: benchmark c5l2
90.34====>112 fps

Call of Duty: Timedemo
134.7====>155.5 fps

I didn't get the 16 fps difference that Firingsquad got with thier comparisons between the 3200+ and the 64 3500+ but i didn't use the same demo as they did.

Couple of games that never changed were Far Cry and Riddick: EFBB, i got pretty well the same score in thier timedemos