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01-10-05, 12:43 AM
Hey guys,

I just ordered an eVGA 6800gt 256mb PCI-Express card. I installed it onto my brand new system and I did all the necessary updates for it. I tried playing World of Warcraft and my FPS is fairly low for my video card. At 1280 x 1024 resolution with medium settings on everything, I am getting 20-35 fps. I have formatted the system three times now, gotten all the updates and still I am running the game at a crappy low fps, I have yet to mess around with the card settings because I really don't know how to.

Here are my system specs:

Intel 925XCV Motherboard
Intel LGA775 P4 3.4ghz
Kingston Hyper-X 1gb DDR2 Ram
eVGA nVidia GeForce 6800gt 256mb PCI-Express
Western Digital Raptor 10,000RPM 36gb hard drive
Enermax Noisetaker 485W PSU
Windows XP Pro w/SP2
Latest nVidia drivers off nvidia.com

Please if anyone has a solution on how to improve my overall fps I would greatly greatly appreciate it. I did not spend $1600 on this computer to have it run at such low fps.

01-10-05, 01:04 AM
i built a system for my buddy who plays WOW also with the 6800gt pcix and he has had no probs.

The system stats are:
Intel 915 mobo
3.4ghz p4
512 kingston ddr2
600w enermax v2.0
74g raptor
xp pro sp2
evga 6800gt pcix

01-10-05, 01:29 AM
I have a similar rig, but I don't play WoW... so this post is useless to you.

01-10-05, 01:34 AM
Hmmm... a customer was saying the same exact thing today at PCCLUB about low FPS with WOW... anyways, have you tried any newer beta drivers? Have you installed the correct intel inf drivers? How do other games run?

01-10-05, 01:39 AM
You know what's ironic? I'm probably that customer at PC Club that you talked to. Are you talking about the PC Club in Montclair, CA? That would be a weird coincidence.

Anyways, I'm not sure what inf drivers are, but I would like to know where I could d/l them and what do they do.

Right now at the moment I am formatting my PC one more time to see if I could get this issue resolved. I have read somewhere online that sometimes the XtremeG drivers are better than the ones provided off the nvidia site.

But I'm at the end of my rope here. I do not know how or what to do.

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

01-10-05, 01:42 AM
HAHA omg yea, I didn't actually talk to you but one of my coworkers came up to me with that question. Since I'm really into video cards they usually ask me about these kinda questions :) Small world.

Anyways, you can get the intel .inf drivers off of the CD that the motherboard came with, or you can download them here:

And video drivers really are not your problem, the standard nv drivers off www.nvidia.com should be fine. I think its more something is not configured properly... Have you made sure everything is running at their proper speeds in the BIOS?

01-10-05, 01:46 AM
Hey jAkUp, any other suggestions that you might give me? I just bought the Raptor drive and the Enermax PSU at your guys' store and the loading time on WoW is awesome. But the really bad part is the fps issue. I have checked the wiring and everything is plugged in correctly, I'm not bridging that many connections. Hell, I even tried unplugging all of my cooling fans to let more power be distributed into the video card, yet no result.

I was over at my friend's house all weekend trying to get this issue resolved. He has the exact same setup as I do except that he has the Asus P5AD2-Premium mobo and he has a 3.6ghz P4 instead of the 3.4ghz, he was able to run WoW at a 2000x1200 resolution with max settings on everything and he was running a constant 70-75fps. He has not overclocked the card nor has he even touched the nvidia settings.

Thanks again for your help.

01-10-05, 01:49 AM
And i was the one who sold you that stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

01-10-05, 01:52 AM
I know its a lame question, but you do have the molex connector plugged into the card? Try using the connector that says "extra" on it. If you wan't you can try the newer beta drivers from NV, but I really doubt thats the problem.

Also, make sure you change the AGP Aperature size in the bios to 128 or 256.

Also when you finish reformating windows again, make sure to install the Intel .inf drivers FIRST. Then all the others.

01-10-05, 01:53 AM
jakup i sold him the 485 enermax v2

it has the 6pin for the pci x, and the 24p already

01-10-05, 01:54 AM
jakup i sold him the 485 enermax v2

it has the 6pin for the pci x, and the 24p already

Oh yea thats right, PCI X connector since he is using the 925x... One more thing is to double check the FSB, Memory speeds, etc in the bios. 200 mhz is what they should be set at.

01-10-05, 01:55 AM
does WOW have any patches yet?

01-10-05, 01:56 AM
Its an online MMORPG, so the latest patches should be applied once you connect to the server.

01-10-05, 01:57 AM
Yeah I connected the 6pin connector straight into the 6800gt. As for the aperature size, I haven't checked it out but I'll make sure to change it to 256 if it's set at 128.

Now I know for sure that it's not a power supply nor a hard drive issue. But I'm becoming suspicious at the other computer components. I really doubt that the hardware is defective. But who knows?

One thing I did notice is that my cpu is idling at 70C. Is that high? I'm running the heatsink that came with the P4 and I'm running 6 fans in my tower aside from the CPU, PSU, and video card fans.

Bleh, I wanna get this issue settled tonight, I have to go to school at 8am.

01-10-05, 01:59 AM
What about turning off Vsync?

01-10-05, 02:01 AM

01-10-05, 02:01 AM
Yeah, I installed the latest WoW patches. I also ran a benchmark test on it. But I didn't use 3dmark. It was something else. According to their score i got somewhere around a 4200. As where my friend with almost the same setup got a 5300....the name of the benchmarking program was Everest.

01-10-05, 02:02 AM
make sure you are using "OPENGL" not D3d

01-10-05, 02:04 AM
Check the throttle temp in the bios and make sure its not throttling the CPU. Those CPUs are good up to about 85 degrees C. If the throttle is set too low it could be downclocking the CPU. And your positive AA/AF are set too "off" or "application control" in the NV control panel?

You could also try turning off Vsync, but WOW's FPS's should easily run over your monitor's refresh rate...

01-10-05, 02:07 AM
I didn't touch the NV control panel but I made sure that both AA and AF were set to application control. I tried turning off vsync too, but no luck there. As wshadow suggested I may switch over from D3d to OpenGL.

I think this would be easier if one of you guys could msg me over AIM. My sn is gundamdbz. Thanks for the help guys. I'm going to try to get this thing working tonight even if it means an all nighter.

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

01-10-05, 02:09 AM
nvidia runs much better on opengl, well im off to bed, gotta open tommorow, good luck!

01-10-05, 03:45 AM
Eh I only get 40-50 FPS w/o Vsync on with WoW at 1156x864 with 4xAA/16xAF. No matter what resolution and AA/AF I get pretty much the same results. With the exception of 8xAA which starts to marginally slow me down at resolutions above 1280x1024. This game is CPU limited for reference sakes. If anythings running this game slow its your CPU. I have the same results on my other rig with my 9800 Pro. Except higher resolution it tends to become more GPU limited.

01-10-05, 03:47 AM
But 20-25 fps? On a 3.4? My buddy's 3.0 plays it all maxed. I still think something is not configured correctly... WOW is generally not a demanding game... he should be up in the 100's for fps.

Maybe the CPU is getting throttled...

01-10-05, 03:59 AM
But 20-25 fps? On a 3.4? My buddy's 3.0 plays it all maxed. I still think something is not configured correctly... WOW is generally not a demanding game... he should be up in the 100's for fps.

Maybe the CPU is getting throttled...

I honestly, and seriously doubt he'd be getting over a 100, I only get like 45 FPS on Average, It isnt demanding but it's still limited by the CPU, His CPU could be throttling though as you mentioned but I doubt it has anything to do with his graphic card.

The Game may not be demanding but it isnt Quake 3 ;) I would expect his rig to do about 10% better than mine in this game. But I wouldnt expect anywhere near 100 FPS unless he's looking at the ground.

*edit* Is he running any background apps?

01-10-05, 06:25 AM
Whats up with all this low scores?....2048x1536 4AA/16AF 50-110FPS most of the time... Never seen it go under 30, even in the LAGGY auction house

some pics, Enjoy!