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01-10-05, 01:27 PM

I just assembled a computer for myself and I'm having problems with the
video card. This is the system:

Antech Case and 350W PSU
MSI K8T Neo 2 mboard
Athlon 64 3200 Socket 939
XFX GeForce 6600 GT
2* 512MB PC3200 Crucial RAM
120GB SATA WD Drive
1 DVD Burner/CD Burner
21' CRT at 1024*768.

So I put it all together and installed and updated VIA Chipset/AMD,NVidia
drivers. The problem starts when I run aquamark or 3dmark. The screen goes
blank and my monitor indicates that there's no video output. I restart and everything is fine unless I run the tests again.

Secondly, the performance on NBench is low, about 2400. I dont know what
could cause that. I'd appreciate any advice about every part and driver etc
that I need to tweak/change/update. Its the first computer I've built and
everything could help.


Prakrit Jena

01-10-05, 01:31 PM
I think you need a bigger power supply. Any problems running games or other 3D applications?

01-10-05, 01:31 PM
What brand of powersupply do you have? If you a generic powersupply that came with your case could be low end. Might want to update it with a better and more powerful powersupply. What drivers are you using with your 6600 GT?

01-10-05, 04:28 PM
Hey guys,

I didnt have the molex power connector in. So I took out the card,
found where it was, plugged it back into the AGP slot and put in the
power connector. It seems to have ****ed things up badly now.

The monitor shows garbled ASCII characters through the screen during
the POST, then a 16 color, 640*480 windows boot display with everything
distorted and starts like that.

I removed the Molex and tried again, same thing.

I hope I didnt **** the card up somehow. Anyone know what this could

The card is an 8X AGP. The drivers I'm running are the 67 ones. The PSU is
actually a 380W Antec. The thing is now, there's such a weird output
from the videocard. I dont get it.