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01-11-05, 07:50 AM
I'm seriously thinking about getting the 3d1 package, so, for the time being I'm going to put a combo on sale.

Package includes

AMD 64 3000+ (Newcastle), comes with stock heatsink and fan
Soltek SL- K8AN-RL nf3 150gb mobo
Giga-byte Geforce 6800GT (newest one with heat pipes)

Price: $550

The motherboard and video card come with their original packages and CDs.

Edit: Motherboard comes with 2xSATA cable (if i can find the other, if not I'll buy one and put it in there), 1 wrapped ATA cable (i.e. ribbon cable is in a round wrapping to save space), Driver CD, and some other CD with firewall, driver partioner (never used it), Recover This! (never used either)
Video Card comes with Analog to Digital connector, Thief 3, Driver CD, TV-out cable

If you're interested just PM me or post here

edit#2 lol: here's a pic of the mobo with everything intact:

Sorry I don't have an ebay or heatware account, I had an account on playerauctions.com, my name was Fl4w3d.

01-11-05, 08:19 AM
try to include some heatware or ebay feedback so you are following the forsale/trade rules

01-11-05, 08:24 AM
I never used Ebay, I was a seller on Playerauctions, that's about it.

I didn't see anything in the rules that said I needed feedback from ebay or anything. I'll take this down if I'm not allowed to sell if I don't have feedback on Ebay or heatware :(

01-11-05, 08:42 AM
its all chedda, you dont have to take it down. :) the rules were posted at one point and will be re-stickied soon.

01-12-05, 09:38 AM
I've gotten some messages about only buying the mobo and proc, if that's the case, I will be willing to sell my 6800GT for $340

01-12-05, 02:12 PM
K i think I have a buyer for my mobo and proc, that leaves card. So I'll go ahead and put Card for sale for $335