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01-11-05, 08:56 AM
Hey, not been round these parts for a while :cool:

Anyhow, does anyone have the Asus V9999 Geforce 6800GT?

I want to know if the card has memory cooling or not, two images ive seen show it without. It also shows it with only one molex connector.



See what i mean :confused:, some sites show it as either one. Thing is, although id prolly go for the Asus, i might end up getting one with the reference cooler instead as smaller one in that images has one molex connector instead of the standard two.. which bothers me.. and the cooler seems to leave the memory well alone... which would not be great for overclocking. Just noted that the bottom one appears to be PCI-E but still... id like to hear from someone who actually has one to be sure. :) Cheers


01-11-05, 12:17 PM
First one is 9999 GE (6800NU). The last one is the ASUS 6800GT. It is actually a 6800NU with 16 Pipes and 6 VS Units and 128MB memory.

01-11-05, 01:32 PM
So ur saying the one that looks like a PCI-E card is the GT? and the Non-ultra is the top one? :S :S

01-11-05, 11:52 PM
First one could be the v9999GE (gamers edition) or the v9999GT 256MB.



14094 with this card (stock heatsink).

01-12-05, 12:29 AM
The above pic is of ASUS v9999GE (6800) (12p,5v).it comes with 256mb ddr3 cloked at 350/1000 of a thicker PCB than regular (asus calls it 10 layered PCB)
HSF covers both GPU and RAM.

the image below is of asus v9999GT (6800GT) (16p,6v). it comes with ddr ram 2.8ns (wich were used on 5900XT cards) clocked at 350/700. THE HSF COVERS only the GPU not the ram (2.8 ns ram doesnt heat up a lot)

ASUS v9999GT recently also launched with 256 mb ddr3, with hsf covering the ram.

01-12-05, 08:02 AM
Hmmm i think ill just go with another brand then :) one using the reference cooler. I'm ordering some new parts so i need it to be from the same site so it all comes at the same time, http://www.overclock.co.uk dont seem to have the BFG 6800 GT OC that ive heard about :(

There is a Galaxy 6800 GT, clocked at Ultra speeds for 50 less than the Ultra model by the same company. I dont get that at all lol.


Maybe i should go for that one ^^ its clocked higher than the standard GT by default like the BFG. :)