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01-11-05, 01:50 PM
I just bought my new processor. I upgraded from 2800+. I don't seen difference in performance. And when ran 3DMark 05 on my 2800 i got 1066 and with my 3200 i got 961. What could the problem be? I have cpu fan that i a had to put thremal compund but i don't think i did it right. Should buy a fan with the compound on it already?

01-11-05, 02:09 PM
You put the thermal compound on the fan? You want that to go on the CPU core and then you place the heatsink over the core, touching the compound with the fan on top of the heatsink.

01-11-05, 02:19 PM
Are you the same one who started a thread about going from a 2800+ to 3200+? If not, I wish you would have asked about it cause we would of said to save your money. You're not going to notice any significant perf different in the real world between those two cpus.

Do you o'c at all? Did you get the Newcastle or hammer core?

01-11-05, 03:15 PM
yes i am the one that started 2800+ to 3000+. I tried oc before when i had XP 2500+. I bought the 754 socket cpu.

01-11-05, 03:16 PM
i did the switch and noticed a huge difference. Do you have cool n' quite running and make sure your ram speed and timings are set to their right speeds, could eaily be the problem...let us know?

01-11-05, 03:40 PM
it also lags when i try to open a program before windows is done loading up. i think i have cool 'n' quiet running. i have check the ram timing.

01-11-05, 04:06 PM
Should have saved up for a Athlon 64 3700+. Anyways 3DMark05 is not a good cpu benchmark. I would recommend running SANDRA or something like that.

Also, did you reformat when switching CPUs?

01-11-05, 05:31 PM
3dmark2001 isn't a bad CPU benchmark IMO. It's much more balanced than 03/05. They are completely GPU focused/limited it seems.

01-11-05, 06:11 PM
The only reason 3dmark05/03 are mainly GPU benchmarks is because they are new. As 03/05 get older, they will become more CPU benchmarks as well. When 3dmark01 first came out, it was also heavily GPU benchmark

01-11-05, 06:21 PM
Are you using Dual channel memory? Your scores should still be higher, but judging from your sig, you aren't using DC memory and that would mean at this time you shouldn't see any noticable performance improvements. Still, your score should be higher.

Whoops, thought you went S939. Not sure why, I guess it's just that so many people have bought 3200+ Winchesters recently. Disregard.