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D3M0N S33D
01-11-05, 05:53 PM
Hi i'd like to trade my 3month old never clocked X800pro 256mb gddr3 (non Vivo) for a Nvidia based 6800GT /6800 or id accept a part ex for it say something like a 256mb 5950ultra + some cash :)

I live in the UK.

heatware wise i can only give my ebay trading name which is shufflakfx

Its the blue pcb x800 :afro:

Thanks for looking.

D3M0N S33D
01-14-05, 09:36 AM

01-14-05, 11:44 AM
where were u a week ago =P

D3M0N S33D
01-14-05, 02:17 PM

i was errrr prob at work lol ??? im surprised im not gettin much interest in the x800.

D3M0N S33D
01-18-05, 11:49 AM