View Full Version : TV-out?

11-23-02, 10:10 AM
How do i do TV out with my GeForce 4?

11-23-02, 10:58 AM
look at the back of your card where you plug in the monitor. if you see the s-video connector, you can use that to connect with an s-video cable or and s-video to component cable and connect it to a t.v. download the latest dets, and connect your videocard to your tv. set your video onto tv/video 1-2 etc whichever one you chose to plug it in. go into display properties, than settings, than advanced, than geforce 4 xxx, than nview display mode, than device settings, than select output device, and select tv. after that go to device adjustments to adjust it all.

if you have the money get tvtool, its much better and you can skip everything after the plug it in part.

11-23-02, 11:06 AM