View Full Version : Purchased a Benq FP937 Today (short review), includes other monitors

01-13-05, 09:46 PM
I have tried MANY LCD monitors over the last year and half and in September of 2003, I settled on a NEC LCD 1765 which was is an awesome 17" monitor which is great for games, color reproduction, text but sadly, lacks DVI.

Anyways, since then, I have sought to upgrade to a 19" monitor or a DVI monitor and tried a few different monitors out recently.

On the weekend, I bought a Samsung 193P from Futureship for $849 + tax and a 4 year 1 pixel burnout replacement warranty (total of about 1100).

I hooked up the 193P to my GeForce 6800 GT from BFG and started looking at it. Desktop graphics are very good, color reproduction is awesome, features are good, monitor was bright, no burnt out pixels, etc.

However, when I loaded up World of Warcraft, the ghosting and motion blur almost made me sick. I tried Half Life 2 as well and it sucked on the 193P due to motion blur/ghosting. I decided that the 193P is a poor gaming monitor, so I took it back today and purchased a Benq FP937.

After about 4 hours of testing this Benq FP937, I have made up my mind that I am going to keep it.

Here is what I found for the Benq FP937
Price: 599+tax +120 for warranty

Color reproduction:
Overall, good, not the best.

Desktop brightness is good to great.

Viewing Angle:
It could be better but its ok.

Text Quality:
Very good

Mesh Pattern:
Its noticable, but this is common for 19" monitors. The 193P had it as well.

Overall, everything is more than adequate for me. I do a lot of desktop work and found it very good.

Now to the games...

Asuming everything else checks out, the most important aspect for gamers is usually brightness and ghosting and this is what I found so far:

Half Life 2:
The game plays very well in Half Life 2. The game world looks very good.
Almost nothing here. Very slight.

World of Warcraft:
Game looks good and ghosting/motion blur is virtually non-existant.

Good game to test because it runs at such high frame rates. I found the game VERY playable. Ghosting was slight, and usually not noticable. Some maps you could notice it a bit on it, but it was nothing that bothered me.

Doom 3:
No ghosting.

However, in Doom 3, the monitor showed its only real weaknesses. Its black reproduction isn't the best. Its still "good" but not great, so this will probably affect shadow and dark areas of some games.

I think I am going to keep the monitor. I have up to 14 days to decide if I want to return it, but so far, I think this is the best I can get.

I noticed on Tomshardwareguide that they have a preview of some new LG Phillips Monitor coming out that is built for games. I am almost tempted to wait a few more months for it instead...