View Full Version : CMOS badsum?

01-14-05, 05:33 PM
this screen appear during startup
and i need to do a reset to boot up again
can anyone tell me what goes wrong?
i dont over clock at alll :(

01-14-05, 06:04 PM
one more thing
this seldom happen but once it does
when i pree F1 to enter setup
it shows 1800mhz on my FX55 instaed of 2600mhz

i need to load deflaut setup and reboot everytime inorder to get into OS

i dont o/c at all so what actually cost this error?

01-14-05, 10:37 PM
Do you have your motherboard manual? If so, read it's troubleshooting guide for any suggestions specific to the error message you're seeing. Also, you could try clearing your CMOS or possibly replacing the batter on your motherboard. You can find out more info on both by consulting your motherboard manual. Good luck.