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01-15-05, 08:01 PM
I'm using sympatico High speed, i need to know what (DSL) modem to buy which works with sympatico High speed and where to get one!

Well in general i'm looking for a good DSL modem... lol
the modem they have provided us, is really bad.
Like every couple of hour it goes nuts and it disconnects it self, and it doesn't connect back until we pull the over plug...lol :D

We have talked to them and thats all they could provid us...
but i'm sick of the fact of the internet getting disconnected and the fact i have to get up and go to another room just to disconnect and connect the DSL modem power...lol
and i'm paying $10 per month for it....

Thank you,

01-15-05, 08:53 PM
They wont replace it? Wow thats really crappy service.

you might want to try www.broadbandreports.com for a good modem, but if I were you id deffinitely try to get them to take care of it. They gave you defective hardware, and are making you pay for it monthly for god's sake. Bug them some more, you can probably get them to do something about it.

01-15-05, 08:55 PM
well they did replace it... but its same story....

01-15-05, 09:02 PM
well they did replace it... but its same story....
Are you sure it isnt your DSL lines then? Or maybe even the power adapter.

There were problems like this with the RCA cable modems that Charter Pipeline gave us when we first got our service. When we started having this problem we called them and they came out right away and gave us a Motorolla Surfboard modem. They knew there was a power\connection problem with the modems, so they replaced them without question.

I guess if you have the money to buy a DSL modem, itd be worth it now. But you wont get free upgrades\service if they start using better ones later.

01-15-05, 10:35 PM
Captnkill is right, it seems like an issue outside of the modem itself. I would solve that first, and get it working with their modem.

Afterwards, I'd say it's very much worth it to go with a better modem if theirs sucks. The Zoom X4 is a great one.