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01-16-05, 12:52 PM
I found a few dirty tricks for HL2DM which I have been using for a long time that can help people call you lame and other words when you do things that really offset their "skill." :D

The first I want to share is a little trick I use to get people away from the rocket launcher in dm_overwatch, that way you can make your way to the top and claim it for yourself so you can be lame in their place :D Don't bother with the magnum or the crossbow - they work but it is too easy for the RPG user to kill you without standing in one spot. At least it is too easy for me to kill them that way anyways.

A lot of people don't seem to notice, but on the ground level just in front of the building where the rocket launcher is, there are plenty of explosives that can be used to get rid of whoever is sitting up there hogging the kills. And the best part, is that the RPG user can't really see you when you are down there, or at least not unless they look for you, and usually they don't because in order to be able to see you, they have to stand in a rather compromising place.

My favorite to use are the m240 grenades that you can launch with the SMG. If you stand just a few inches away from the building (don't stand too close or the grenades will blow you up instead when they hit the windowsill,) and face directly upwards, then hit your secondary fire, the grenades will launch straight upwards and their return trajectory will place them over the building when they land, which will make them blow up whoever is standing near there. It is best to use two, usually they will guarentee the death of the target if you do. One doesn't always do it.

(sorry for the bad quality, I processed these with an instant batch converter to save time)

Also there are two hand grenades and an explosive barrel on the ground. The barrel isn't quite as useful as the hand grenades, but it can work if you aim it just right. The best thing to do with the grenades is to throw them at the half stairwell up on the roof and let them bounce onto the platform where the RPG is sitting. It can take a bit of work to master but if you do it enough you can get the angle right every time.


Now another trick I love is in dm_lockdown. You can create your own lame camping spot in the little vent fan by blocking the fan so that nobody can kill you while you are in there. I do so by grabbing a radiator, they work the best.


Carry the radiator through the vent and wedge it up into the fan. It can be a little tricky getting it through the vent, but if you pick it up at just the right angle it'll fit perfectly. When you wedge it into the fan, try to get it at a flat angle so that when the fan turns on it can't pass the little bars:


This is a sure way to piss anybody off - especially when they keep trying to turn on the fan but all they hear is a really loud THUNK instead of the normal sound of the fan turning, and you just sit in there laughing at them :D

Naturally if somebody ever manages to kill you and steal your new camping spot, there are a few easy ways to get them out without being camped by them:


Note that you don't have to walk inside of there to fire that in, just stand outside of the vent and shoot it in at just the right angle. It will ricochet around and kill them for sure. Then whats best is there will be another one of those disc things waiting inside for you to reload so you can do it again.

Happy hunting :D

01-16-05, 02:31 PM
Good tips :)

Another one for lockdown is to go into the little monitoring room (the one with all the windows and the health station) and toss all of the junk you can down the stairs so people dont sneak in. Then put short but cumbersom objects (tables laying sideways or upside down, chairs, piles of junk) in the doorways so that people get stuck\lagged when they try to jump over them. This will make them easy targets.

The main problem with this is that its real easy for people to fire grenades or energy balls into that area which will just annihilate anything in there (encluding you) because of the low cieling. If you are good though, you can probably last in there for quite a while if you have time to build up your defenses. Dont forget to use the health station to max your health\suit out.

01-16-05, 06:32 PM
The first trick actually looks pretty cool when you run into the building immediately afterwards and watch it on your way in. It takes about 5 seconds for the grenades to go all the way up and down, looks like artillery fire :D

01-16-05, 06:36 PM
I tried hl2dm for the first time just coz of the tips you gave here :)

lot easier than I thought it would be but it ROCKS just smackin people away with tables and file cabinets and barrels :thumbsup:

supah dupah...